Business is all about money. You invest funds to grow more funds, then you infuse more to get more, and the cycle continues. However, all this boils down to one fact “investment.” You should have money to put in to meet your recurrent business’ outlays. Generally, people use personal credit as the model to garner the required funds. This may be through their credit cards or personal loans. The securities for the loan are your assets, and/or your credit rating, undoubtedly a huge risk in case your business’ revenues do not recover for long. This is where corporate credit comes as a cool breeze.

Corporate credit is an unsecured loan, issued after the financiers have verified all the legalities and angles of your business as an entity. This article discusses some aspects of this financial soother called corporate credit.

- Business entity. Financial institutions always issue loans to an entity and in line with these requirements; your business must have its own legal independent existence. You should register your company as an LLC or corporation as financiers take primary note of these structural frameworks and prefer them.

- Contact us. Your business house should have a physical address. P.O. Box addresses are ineligible for corporate credit in many instances. You should also have a business phone connection. All these imply that your business exists and is physically reachable, a very important requirement.

- Personal credit rating. You must raise corporate credit for your business so that your personal credit rating is independent of the hits and misses of your business’ ability to repay the credit. In the case of personal loans, your credit score goes down by two or more points every time a creditor inquires about your credit report. A declining credit score means you are tagged as “high credit risk” entity. In addition, you can raise much business credit without adversely affecting your personal credit history. Despite the fact, your business may have many outstanding loans; your business credit history will not be termed as bad.

- Building business credit. Just like any credit score, business credit score also takes time to build up. Your initial loans are of small denominations. Your clear repayment history over a period catalyzes the increase of credit slab for the next loan. Therefore, you need to work patiently and dedicatedly at building your business credit.

- Business credit score. As mentioned above your corporate credit score takes time to build depending upon your organization’s prompt repayment of loans over a period. Business has credit score range between 0 and 100. A credit score of 75 is tagged as decent and is desirable. For this, you must ensure that your lenders inform credit rating agencies after they have granted loan to you.

- Flexible use. You can use your corporate credit as per your discretion. You may use it for any purpose, buying machinery, real estate, advertising, building repair, or any other business use you want. The financiers are bothered about the loan repayment and not their use.

Your ability to secure business loan, its optimal use, and its prompt repayment, are the keys to the bigger loan amounts in future. For growing your business, you must work honestly at these.

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Trent Lee