Chances are the most people will have an average IQ score. Very few people will have an above average IQ score. For instance if you are currently at 70, it would be difficult to cross the 100 mark. But the fact remains that, no matter where you start at you can definitely improve. Below are three ways to do so:

1. Improve your test taking skills. Browse through the questions quickly. Do not waste time on questions which seem tough or time consuming. Come back to them after having solved the easier ones. This will help you find out the questions you can answer quickly, instead of wasting too much time on tricky questions.

Try to answer all questions in a multiple choice test. If not sure about the answer, use the technique of ruling out the wrong answers. If you are able to eliminate 2 out of 4 alternative given, your chances of answering the question correctly increase.

2. Be prepared in all ways for the test. Get a good sleep prior to the test. Have a straight posture while you sit and take deep breaths. This improves your score on any test. Eating fish too, has shown to speed up your brain waves and help you concentrate for longer periods of time.

If you are permitted to listen to music, I recommend you Mozart. If not allowed, then listen to it just before you take the test. One research has shown that people who listened to Mozart’s sonata for Two Pianos in D major,K. 448 for around 10 minutes before taking an IQ test improved their score by 9 points. Do not hesitate to do whatever will prepare your mind and body for the test.

3. Always exercise your brain. This is a technique to improve performance in the long term. Over a period of time your performance and hence the IQ score will improve.

It is my personal experience that the scores are higher when you take the test the second or third time. So it is best to take an online test the day before your test is scheduled. This will surely increase your average IQ score.

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