The U.S. presidential elections give us a rare opportunity to become masterful deliberate creators.

The rivaling campaigns are loud and clear and regardless of which candidate you prefer, you can use this rare moment to polish your human instrument and tune yourself to your essence.

YOFA Listening

This is one of the most fruitful times you will ever encounter to apply your YOFA listening practice.

Here is how you do it.

Use this when listening to friends and foes alike. Use this when listening to yourself.

And now, use this when listening to the candidates.

1 – Acknowledge that every human being has a dual nature:

a- We all have a Divine spark which provides and essential stream of pure consciousness running thorough us. This aspect is innately loving, wise, and joyful.

b- We all have the limited perspective of our human personality. This aspect can be allowing of the flow or resistant to it. This aspect can experience pain and suffering due to its limited understanding of its circumstances.

2 – Look for, recognize, and honor the Divine aspect in everyone you encounter including yourself.

3 – Have compassion for the suffering of the human aspect (when you notice it) in everyone you encounter including yourself.

When you can authentically apply this listening practice to the candidates of both sides, you add huge power to your vote for your preferred candidate. By removing the vilification of the other candidate from your consciousness, you remove resistance from your mix. Your vote becomes not only part of the tally, but a vibrational vote for what you truly want for this country.

With your vibrational vote, you not only influence who wins the election, but you influence the outcomes of the actions of whoever does take office toward the fulfillment of your ideals for our country.

You also tune yourself to the love, joy, and wisdom that your Divine spark is always flowing within your human instrument.

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