We offer you a very effective method by which you can enhance the functionality of your brain and be able to learn how to focus on the important things. The technique is called "brain gymnastics", it allows you to increase speed of thinking and to improve your IQ test score. One has to mention that it goes on puzzles, and just about specific body movements. The method consists of a variety of exercises that will provide a better and easier way to learn and to control your intelligence. Let us immediately proceed directly to the theoretical aspects of our methodology and provide you with some exercises. Education is a holistic process. Studies- a multilayered process, which often involve. Exercise is not only in your head. Instead, our entire body is involved in teaching. Many neyropsihologists and teachers state this. It may be concluded that the movement of the body also affects the learning process. The importance of learning: Scientists found that the movement has a very important role even when teaching. Without movement study remains inadequate and ineffective. We learn by interaction of our body and the world around them. We perceive sensory stimulation of the five senses, but also vestibular apparatus. Vestibular apparatus is located in the inner ear sensory organ, it checks the changes of head and body position in space. Through our vestibular apparatus, we can move in a vertical position and orientate in space. And while studying or taking an IQ test this vestibular system is also involved. All movements, conscious or not, that we are doing in school, have a profound influence on the process of learning and, above all, makes it possible.
For optimal training of "intelligence machine" the movement is needed. At a time when the baby starts to the first movement and gradually learns coordination, first moving on a floor, later mastering movements in the vertical position, constantly stimulating and continue to develop the central part of the brain. Targeting space, balance and adjustment to the force of gravity to enable the vestibular system and allow the child to get new studies, increase his intelligence. If the stimulation is not available, then the development of the brain will also be limited.

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