As Americans we know we can have it all if we want to. If there is a will, there is a way. Be all you can be. And yet, here we are, all of us, throwing away credit cards and brown bagging our lunches. Carpooling to work and socializing around coffee instead of dinner and drinks. Is this having it all?

Having it all in the peaceful, content, grateful way despite what’s around you-that is a different topic. We are talking here about the physical, because the American ideal we are speaking of when we say ‘have it all’ mostly embodies materialism. And spiritually, there is nothing wrong with physical abundance. In fact, spirituality is abundance, both internal and external. The idea that being spiritual means you must be poor is pure lies. Being spiritual means you are a force of creation, and creation is never poor, if it needs more, it creates more.

The only thing you have to resist is the idea that you are 'things', in other words, your identity must remain spirit. You can have it all and be spiritual, win-win. Once your identity becomes cars, clothes, spas and shoes, well, then you are working against your spirit, a lose-lose scenario.

“But how can I create more? My spirit wants me to join the Peace Corps. My spirit wants me to work at the zoo. My spirit wants me to be a social worker. These aren’t high paying jobs!”

Good point. The first good news is that right now, the world is very, very small, thanks to the internet. You can use the internet to create income for yourself with this very large market. Next, there is no set amount of money in our economy, you can create money!

Of course the fed is increasing the database of money, but the fed has no control over if you write an eBook around your experiences in the peace corps. Then convince a foundation with a similar vision to buy 10,000 copies as a bonus gift to its donors. Or what if you begin a Zoo Workers Resource website. A paid membership website around all things loved by zoo employees. Then use the extra income as a down payment on a rental property that you pick up at 80% of market value. You'll own it outright in 30 years, creating pure cash flow every month of your retirement! Or what if you take your skills obtained from your masters in social work and time in the helping profession and begin a life coaching program (yes, that’s me). I’m no economist, but I bet they encourage this type of behavior. Allowing society to tell you how much you’re worth and resigning yourself to earn that amount is so 20th century. You say what you’re worth.

In America, there is no such thing as people with more taking from people with less simply because they have more. The forces that allow some to have less is not abundance. Some of these forces are oppression, ignorance and the infamous right now-greed. So go ahead, create more.

The difference between having through a spiritually creative way and having through oppression and greed is the primary differentiation between the right way to have it all and the destructive way. The American ideal must be clarified to include having it all, but having it as a benefit to others and not at their expense or the expense of the future. Having it all because of your intentions that are more than money, not as money the end in itself.

And lastly, a mature version of having it all will include some delayed gratification. The universe will not let you keep anything you haven’t earned. Therefore, you will delay gratification through actions like saving and investing, working hard, and pro-actively uncovering the weak links in yourself and working on them. When you hear stories about mogul millionaires driving beat up cars down a dirt road with hundreds of millions in assets, you see an example of someone that discovers through abundance what having it all really means. Because when you have a dream to provide a service or change a business model or plant new ideologies for the greater good and you take risks and make sacrifices and through this hard work see your vision manifest, the creation itself becomes more payment than you’d ever hoped for. The stuff becomes secondary. The viable physical functioning of a thought from your head creating value for all involved. This is spiritually, truly, having it all.

Each of us in our own way are called to transform the American ideal of having it all into one that includes the hard work that comes with earning and delaying reward, the responsibility that comes with having more, and the spiritual vision that comes with creating for the greater good. If you want to have it all, and be a true American, you’ll know that abundance is always for the greater good, or else it’s not true abundance.

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Dana Krals, MSW is a life coach. Her passion is empowerment. To learn more about creating financial abundance in your own life, visit: