PATLive is a telephone answering service offered to a wide array of businesses. Studies have shown that people prefer talking with a person and not an automated IVR system. The service was founded in the early 90’s in Tallahassee Florida. It has expanded nationwide and has services that have also moved internationally. The company offers its services to businesses ranging from home offices to government agencies.

In the business of real estate, everybody has trouble finding motivated sellers when they don't do things that get the message to the sellers that you're trying to buy houses. And you learn very quickly that 95 percent of the people who call you with a house for sale are a waste of your time. Soon as you get that digested from you head to your heart it's just another day at the office. You will come to expect most of the people to be a waste of time. For this reason, you should consider driving your calls to Pat Live and let them deal with all those time wasters. If you don’t do this, it is just about guaranteed that these time wasting calls will steal your dreams. Ninety five percent of the calls you will receive will be calls from people who want to sell not need to sell. Pat Live can filter them out.

Suppose Pat Live filters those calls and you get 30 or 40 call from sellers. Within those calls is a deal or two or three in there somewhere. You just need to be able to recognize it. You will, however, have to do a lot of calling behind Pat Live to collect information when they didn't get it. Sometimes the information from Pat Live can be rather skimpy. For some reason, people are sometimes reluctant to give them the needed information. And the employees at Pat Live will usually not work that hard to get it. They don’t understand that we are looking for the ARV and the asking price. So once you get past that hurdle, then it's worth your time if you see any reason to call whatsoever. You should stay on top of Pat Live and tell them over and over exactly what you need. Tell them to ask what they want for the house. They need to understand that they have to sometimes push to get an answer because it's worthless without it.

This is all a numbers game. Remember that most of the people who call you are a waste of your time. Using Pat Live can help you narrow down the two or three good pearls out there that will land you the deal you are looking for.

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