Good talent hunting is always a top priority task for the hiring managers. A general tendency of hiring managers is to increase the number of hires and to add the number of recruiters. The little analysis that goes in the increasing cost of recruitment, which when applied to the resources hunted, results in increasing the cost of resources.

Automated recruitment system helps in improving the efficiency of recruiters and lowers the cost of recruitment for the hiring companies. Most companies follow a system where they maintain names of candidates on a spreadsheet and link these to the resumes which are located centrally somewhere in their documents. If spreadsheets linked with files were an efficient way of dealing with data, why would databases and applications developed around them be used by big and well-known organizations? Spreadsheets are better option where typically the agency owner remembers people by name and manages the small number of resumes. But, automated tracking system is a must to effectively turn it into a profitable business.

An automated candidate tracking system will typically help in creating a central repository of resumes which can be accessed by internet, anywhere and anytime. You do not need an office to be in business! Using a web based recruitment system; you get the resumes straight from candidates / referrals and other sources. All you need to do is to keep mailing them periodically to invite them on your web site. You can further ask your clients to start posting requirements online and ask recruiters to work online. The world is flat. Your recruiters, clients, candidates can really be anywhere. You can keep a watch on the requirements and their status online.

Resource Datamine is an automated recruitment system meant for hiring managers. It can be customized and is available as per the requirements of clients. If clients prefer keeping their data on their server, they can host themselves; else they can go for Software as a service model.

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The authoress is a business writer specializing in human resources and has written authoritative articles on human resource management. She has done her masters in Business Administration and is currently assisting Resource Datamine. Visit Resource Datamine to know more about the Automated Recruitment System .