The resume is a very powerful self-marketing tool that is designed to present your skills and qualifications in one neat package. An effective resume will give you an advantage over your competition in getting an interview where you can sell yourself. Your resume should be a one page summary of your skills, experience, and training. There are many ways to put a resume together. If you don’t have much experience writing a resume, you may want to get help from someone that has experience doing this.

A well prepared resume will contain certain elements:

Contact Information

Name (no nicknames)


Telephone number (or message number)

If you are using a cell phone number, make sure your greeting is mature and professional.

E-mail address (if you have one)

If you are using an e-mail address, be sure it is tasteful and appropriate.


Briefly state what you hope to accomplish with the resume.


Experience is any activity (paid or volunteer) which allowed you to learn or use a skill. This would include any community service, after school or summer jobs, or internships. You will need the title of position, name of organization, location of work (town, state), dates of employment. Describe your work responsibilities and specific skills used.


List any activities you have participated in for your own enjoyment such as clubs or sports.

Education and Training

If you are in college, list the name of the institution, city, state, and degree you are pursuing and your projected graduation year. If you are still in high school, list the name of your high school, city, state, and your projected graduation year. Also list any special areas of study such as college preparatory or trade. If you have a GED, list the name of the school where it was earned.

Skills and Strengths

List your outstanding strengths and skills.


References are people who would say something positive about you as a person. A reference can be a teacher, a former employer, a coach or a group leader. Before using someone as a reference, I suggest you ask their permission in advance. You should be able to provide a full name, address, and telephone number for each one. I suggest you have at least three good references. References are only provided upon request.

Remember, you may still be required to complete an application but attaching a well constructed resume to the completed application will separate you from the competition.

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