I always smile at people who petition eternity for justice. Not because they’re funny, but because temporally the entreaty fails. Moreover, in doing so they forget that every day decides. What doesn’t make it to court becomes our character. Yet their thinking is a remnant of North Atlantic Theology, which slave traders used to justify slavery and pacify slaves.
Thus they delayed justice and gutted themselves of moral sensibilities, at least until the other side, which is where life was relocated. The wise, however, know better; not because they’re smart, but because they’ve been smitten.
They’ve seen justice judge in their lifetime. So, they shun sowing what they shutter reaping. The golden rule guides and disciplines together.
It’s not that they reject eternal justice –they don’t. But they’d rather pay and repent promptly. Doing so is conscience keeping and cleansing, because few things thrash as guilt. Sometimes I wonder if all of our phobias aren’t guilt-founded. So many people are on so many things, stimulants and steroids innumerable. Some are too depressed and others are too happy. Extremes strip equilibrium.
Today, every eruption is defended psychiatrically or diminished medically. People don’t sin but have syndromes instead. So much until none are responsible. If a pill can’t fix it, a hypothesis defends it. It makes me question America’s future. Will we become a nation of narcissists, medically defending our growing dementia? How committed are we to outgrowing our destructive adolescence? Or will we continue our trek down the hypochondriac’s path, where prescriptions conceal what we condone?
As students (and work-skipping adults), we depend upon a doctor’s note to explain our absence or to define our excess. It also enables us to escape the penalty applied to slackers. But life is too real to reason so. We must decide --individually and collectively-- whether we want to crash on the couch because of medical and psychiatric sophistry. Exceptions, of course, exist. Some lapses are legitimate, but not everyone qualifies.
When do genes and parents cease being blamed? Where does free will fit and responsibility follow? Or perhaps we aren’t free after all? Maybe that’s why it’s hard to morally uphold? Maybe we are puppets, fatally destined and emotionally incapable of maturing. Meanwhile, we fail to realize that everyday is one of judgment. During which, we either master or are maimed accordingly. That’s why it’s crucial that we challenge America’s medicalization. Else, we’ll continue taking pills and appropriating dysfunctions until psychiatry ruins and justice is run from the earth.

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A former trainer with the Dun & Bradstreet Corporation, Joel has over 20 years of sales and management experience. He is also the gifted author of fourteen books, including Journey Toward Greatness. He resides in Charlotte, NC with his wife Debra where he teaches in the philosophy department of UNC-Charlotte.