Majority Of High School Students Don’t Go To College!

For the past ten years I have been donating my time to local high schools teaching students how to conduct job searches as well as interview techniques. Over the years I began to notice about 8 out of 10 students could not get through a mock interview, let alone know how to even start looking for a job. As I started to research nation wide statistics regarding interview abilities I was amazed to find that nation wide studies among hiring managers and human resource managers supported that fact. The research statistics reported that 80% of the interview candidates could not successfully get through the interview process. While I was conducting this research I ran across statistics that were staggering. It seems that only 30% of high school students end up going to college. That means about 70% of students don’t go to college and have to go out into the world to find a good paying job with little or no skills.

The unfortunate fact is that our education system pays little attention to preparing our students to enter the workforce. On the other hand, they put so much emphasis on preparing them for college they forget to help the majority of the students who truly need help preparing for their future.

It has become my personal mission to help these overlooked students by teaching them the skills necessary to find a job or career that will make them a productive member of society.

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Terry Harris, the Premier Interview Coach and Consultant, specializes in the teachings of Real World Interview Skills to both individual and small business clients.
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