Most of us think we know where our money comes from and even where money could possibly come from. Right?

We think of our job where we are paid a certain amount per hour and we think of a second job where we could be paid additional amounts in exchange for more hours.

we think of a home business where we earn commissions based on our efforts.

We think of winning the lottery.

We think of receiving an inheritance.

We think of finding money on the street... or in an old coat pocket... or in the bottom of the sofa.

we think of winning the HGTV dream home and selling for a cool $2 million dollar profit.

We think of selling something on Ebay.

We think of winning the Publishers Clearing House prize.

There are other ways we think money comes to us.

ALL of these ways were suggested to us by someone else. It is what we were taught as we were growing up. They have become our beliefs because we simply choose to believe them.

WHAT IF we LET GO of our limiting beliefs about how money can come to us?

WHAT IF we open ourselves to the possibilities that "money can come from anywhere?"

WHAT IF we consciously CHOOSE to believe that "money can come from anywhere?"

How would that FEEL?

So, how do we do that?

Let go.



Before we can receive anything in our lives we must be "open to receiving."

So, I offer to you a few affirmations you can write and say or sing or think as often as possible to change your mindset and ALLOW "money to come to you from anywhere."

AFFIRMATIONS - Write and say them MANY times throughout the day and fall asleep thinking them at night...

"I am open to receiving money from anywhere."

"I now release all limiting beliefs about how money can come to me."

"I choose to believe that money can come to me from anywhere."

"I deserve to receive money from anywhere."

"Money comes to me now in miraculous and unexpected ways."

"I am grateful for the money that comes to me in large amounts from anywhere."

OK, so get out your pen and start writing. Keep your Affirmations by your bedside...that is IF you really want to change how money comes to you.

The possibilities are endless and ever expanding and YOU are deserving of receiving money from anywhere.

Remember the Universe can deliver more good to us than we can imagine for ourselves.


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