If you read or watch Dr. Phil McGraw, chances are you've heard his advice on how to break a bad habit.

He points out that you can't just STOP doing the behavior to break the habit. You have to REPLACE that behavior with another behavior.

In other words, you have to START doing something else in place of the habit behavior.

There is a similar phenomenon in weight loss.

For many of my weight loss coaching clients, it helps them to radically start focusing on being thin, rather than just waiting to 'not be fat'.

Replace former diet and fat thoughts with thin thoughts and you'll find that losing weight suddenly becomes MUCH easier.

Why? There's a saying that explains the reason this 'thinking thin' behavior works so well: 'You'll never become something you don't first BELIEVE you are'

In other words, if you continue to think the same thoughts about yourself you'll never achieve permanent weight loss. If you start replacing the thoughts you have with new thin thoughts you will begin to behave differently,

So instead of trying to 'NOT' think about food or 'NOT' think fat thoughts, try instead to purposely think 'thin' thoughts.

Get radical! You're in charge here! Think and state so many positive thoughts about your slim body and your wonderful life that you don't have TIME to think about food or anything negative about your weight.

This will make weight loss MUCH easier!

So ask yourself today: Are you moving towards slim?

Author's Bio: 

Kathryn O'Neill is a certified Nutrition & Wellness Specialist and Weight Mastery Coach. For more articles like this check out her website at www.weightmasterycoach.com.