I remember the first Internet marketing book I purchased. I bought it on Ebay. The sales pitch went something like “make $10,000 a month with little or no effort.” The sales page made a big deal out of the fact that their 80-year-old Grandfather used the techniques in this ebook and is making money hand over fist. I thought, “Gee, if Grandpa can do it so can I. I signed up.

It turned out that the book touted the use of Adsense to make money. And, unfortunately, the sales page didn’t mention the fact that you need a website getting thousands of hits each day to make that kind of money. Needless to say, I unsubscribed from their list rather quickly.

The real key to success in this, or any business is to give your customers something of value. The charlatans will quickly be exposed and will soon be out of business. Always give our customers more than they expect. By doing this, your subscribers will stay with you for a very long time and will reward you by buying the products that you recommend time and again.

I provide a free Internet marketing book to people who subscribe to my list. I have found that providing a high quality product is the best way to attract (and keep) subscribers.

Always do your research and provide (or recommend) quality products. If you provide an inferior Internet marketing book, people will see through your ruse sooner or later. It is much easier and more fun to run a business with happy subscribers than it is if you have unhappy ones. Your refunds will be much much lower when you provide quality goods.

So, start out your relationship with subscribers by offering a great Internet Marketing book. Don’t mislead them, or neglect to mention something (like you need a website or traffic). Make sure that all of your products are mutually beneficial. That is, they benefit your customer as much as they benefit you. If you follow that philosophy, you will never lack for business.

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