Written By: Darren Roberts
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To operate at your optimum in a forward direction you may need to organise many things so that they are conducive to the optimisation of your performance.

If you would please read and then re-read the title I have given this passage, "Remove The Clouds From Your Clear Blue Sky". Putting ourselves in this picture our day is warm, sunny and overall quite pleasant. Our association with cold, wet and overcast weather is that it is miserable, yukky and not overly nice.

The vision of a warm cloudless sky with no pollution, birds singing happily and flying through the trees, no traffic, quiet surroundings, a freshwater creek and perhaps a small waterfall nearby all conjure up beautiful thoughts in our minds. I am sure you would have quite a good feeling if you were right now in these surroundings. It brings a nice smile to the face, reduces your stress and relaxes the body and gives us a general good feeling.

So many of us take holidays to the beach and other lovely places only to return to their home with a great big lump in their stomach. Why do we associate a home feeling with stress? Do some people not take enough holidays at one time? Why do we make our sunny days merely a reward for living so many miserable days; only then to return to the days of misery. Why do so few of us take the bull by the horns and make as many sunny days as we want?

To move forward in achieving our goals we must optimise our surroundings to the best of our ability. This is quite simple really. Hide from all family members for a half an hour in your bedroom, under the stairs, in the garden, by the tree or in your kid's cubby hut. Anywhere really that will give you a moment or two unbroken. Take with you a pen (or biro as they call it in Australia) and a notebook. I want you to make two columns here with the headings; negative and positive. In the negative column you will need to think about all the obstructions in your life. These are the things that prevent you from achieving what you want to in your life. I want you to brainstorm here. Everything you can think of (believe me you will find quite a few) write them all down. Be very very honest with yourself. Even if you find some things embarrassing as it will only be you who will read this. Give yourself about ten minutes and then do the same on the other side of your chart. Importantly, for the positive side you will be writing down all the things that are indeed assets to you and other positive things that assist you on your way.

What you have just done is very important and what you do with this list now will determine as to whether or not you will in fact clear some of these clouds away from your skyline.

Sunny days are now only a decision away. It is very important that you maximise those habits that are indeed proving beneficial to you. This part should not be overly difficult as you have probably been doing so (albeit sub-consciously) for quite a while. The big challenge will be transferring this seemingly large group of obstructions that you listed in the negative column and turning them into advantages that will serve you rather than counter you.

If you have not read my article, "How To Turn Obstacles Into Advantages" you may do so at: http://topliving.com/articles/advantfirst.htm

For example if you wrote on your list that you were always behind in your work and that your computer skills were next to negligible then one may surmise that if you were to work on these skills perhaps you could automate some of your functions so as to relieve daily administration pressure from yourself.

If you are self-employed or not is totally irrelevant; as people we have one thing above and beyond all other living things with which we on this earth, co-habitate. That of choice. We choose where we want to live, we choose our family (well at the beginning we do, after that it's bad luck really), we choose our friends and ultimately our own destiny.

Unlike the koala who can only survive in limited areas due to special breeds of eucalyptus that it requires each day we can jump on an aeroplane and within 24 hours we've not only changed our location, there's a good chance that we have changed our cultural surroundings, perhaps the local language and if you are indeed coming from koala land you will have almost definitely changed the season of the year. Choice! What a wonderful asset.

So, how exactly does one go about jumping on the next plane or transferring those that lie on the negative side of the ledger to the positive side???

Nothing will happen without a long term plan and goal sheet. Like a business you will fail to get there if you don't have a plan. A plan is simply the map you write yourself to arrive at your destination point. Of course you'll fail without a plan that's for certain. How will you know how to get there if you don't really know to where it is you're actually heading?

Everything you get in your life comes as a result of how much you want it. Here's a good test!

Is your glass half-empty or half-full?

How do you feel? Not bad or excellent?

Do you laugh problems off or take them personally?

How you look at things in general will determine as to whether you can move the clouds away from your skyline or not.

Remember to focus on your plan, if you haven't got one; make one. Choose to be happy as obstacles are just small little stepping stones bringing you closer to where you want to be.

Plan each step, think positively and never ever lose track of your target...

Who knows, you may wake up one day and find you're there...warm, sunny and 30°celcius...

Think Successfully.

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Written By: Darren Roberts

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