If you want to melt off that belly fat, you have to feed the fire. Here are some easy snack tips to keep your metabolism high and your body burning fat during the day.

Here is the easiest way to keep yourself on track to eat healthy during those busy days.

Just look at your hand! That's right, you were born with the perfect diet reminder.

Count off each meal and snack on your fingers, 5 fingers (I know the thumb, but lets call it a finger), 5 food servings.

In order to keep your blood sugar stable and avoid going into starvation mode during the day, you need to eat 5 times during the day.

That of course includes your regular 3 meals of breakfast, lunch and dinner. But also, make sure to have 2 snacks, a small snack in between breakfast and lunch, and another snack between lunch and dinner.

This keeps things simple as most busy dads don't have the time or the drug enhanced metabolism's to be eating 6-8 MEALS a day like the "bodybuilding" magazines might tell you.

So here are some quick and healthy snack tips I like to use during the day.

Sometimes I feel like a nut!

I like to nibble on heart healthy nuts in between meal. I like the Walnut pieces that come in the resealable bag. Walnuts contain the highest amount of fat burning omega 3's. I also like Pistachios, as they take time to peel apart keeping you from eating too many too fast. Another great sources of healthy fats. Just make sure to get the natural nuts that are not fried in any vegetable oils or loaded down with salt. Check the ingredients and avoid any that has these listed. Also use your hand as your guide here as well and just take a small handful and put them away to avoid eating too much.

Protein Pudding

I love this high protein snack before bed or in the afternoon. I like to use a scoop of protein powder. Get a protein powder that has fast acting whey protein as well as slow digesting casein protein. This will satisfy you longer than just whey protein alone. The casein protein also mixes into a pudding alot creamier and thicker. Take your favorite protein flavor and mix it with 1/2cup of PLAIN yogurt or cottage cheese. Add some fresh berries or slivered almonds and you have a great tasting dessert like snack.

Natures Snack

Fruit has been getting some bad rap lately regards to fat loss. When people start blaming fruit for getting them fat, I have to strongly disagree! Since fruit does contain some natural sugars people avoid it thinking that it will make them fat. I highly doubt that FRUIT is what is making people overweight these days. Yeah maybe if you eat a bag of apples a day on top of your current diet. But I don't think anyone eats that much fruit as most people hardly eat any. Grab an apple or orange or your favorite piece of fruit in between meals to nourish your body and actually help burn fat.

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