On different levels there are different requirements. For example in the realm where you can find beings such as ourselves there are also those who must improve the way in which they exist. There are those whose habits are derived from lesser beings so that they are more prone to fail at what they are doing. Their communication with their peers is not greater than their communication with their inner selves.

So here too we learn about living and we learn what it is like to not have that which was given to us. As you might imagine we are privileged compared to life on many other plains of reality. Yet some of us are just as depraved as others whose plain of existence is not so privileged.

So that is how it is with us.

On your world you have many different levels of what might be called spiritual health. Some of you are very healthy, no matter what you profess to believe in. While others who profess a great deal are not well and are in serious need of some assistance.

So that is how is is with you.

What we do to improve ourselves is not so different from what you might do for your self. We find that it is necessary to find a higher meaning. We seek answers to the mystery of all the plains of existence. We devise ways of improving ourselves through a variety of disciplines. One discipline involves rotating a sphere and choosing a point on the sphere. Every time the sphere revolves we seek to identify the point.

So you see that we need our exercises.

What you do differs greatly in that your disciplines almost always involve a return to the inner person. Your yoga or what you call meditating or the need for prayer. These are good practices which will lead you beyond and into the larger reality of which you are a part.

Your health involves constant attention to identifying any way in which you may have strayed from the reality in which you have your existence. For instance it is important that you recognize that you have something called soul and that you concern yourself with the direction that you are taking as it will affect your souls’ direction.

Then we will give you a little direction. We want you to practice this.

First make a decision that you will always be good and act in kindness.

Second you must make a decision that all that you do will be of benefit to your self and also to anyone in your immediate surroundings.

Third you must always pay attention to those who are near you; by this we mean wife or husband or even child or friends.

Fourth you must get rid of any concerns that you are having for what may come as what may come is not living. Living is always done when you are there in the moment.

Lastly we suggest to you that you never give away how you are feeling when you are uncertain. When you act, act with assertion knowing that you have obtained certain beliefs made so by living and conducting yourself as mature adults, not as children. Therefore certainty is a healthy trait. For us it would mean that we go forth with a sense of knowledge. For you it means that your knowledge has been tested through your experiences. And your experiences are determined by actions taken with certainty.

What is it that you would take with you when you are dead and gone. There is only one thing you can take with you and that is your eternal soul, or in other words your mind or consciousness.

What is spiritual health? When you are no longer in any state in which you may have any doubts about the nature of the universe or life. You know about other kinds or levels of existence and you accept that they intervene in different ways; for you are not alone but you are involved in a much greater reality than is obvious.

So when you go to your day remember to turn your attention to the outside world knowing completely that your soul lives in the greater sphere.

When we are looking at our spheres, the point that we are looking for is really those whom we watch. Our reward is to be involved with you as friends.

So now look at yourself in a way which enables you to step forward with no concern for where your foot will land. Face life with a heartfelt faith, with all of your feelings directed to achieving your goals with no remorse or any kind of regret. Your goals are based on true knowledge of who you are and where you are going. For all things which are done in your world are done because they were as seeds planted and they must grow into the form that they must take. You can only watch with love and faith as your life unfolds. For you are part of a greater realty in which you play a part.

How do you have knowledge of your goals while staying in the moment? Some will know and then they will follow destiny. Others will never know. If you ask for something it must be something that was given from before you were born. Thus what you have is already given. Wanting is good but it does not create anything. You must learn to know what was given. Then you will be happy for you are no longer living in a state of wanting.

What you can attract is what was given. It is possible to miss having by your actions or words or even by never realizing that it is yours to have. When you manifest something of value then the thing that you bring came about as a result of your uncovering what was there already. You will know this when you look inward, for then you will know your true self and all that your true self already has coming. So focus on the present moment when you practice meditation or prayers.

Now go taking this with you.

I am Hethball (this article was channeled, Hethball is my guide).

Author's Bio: 

Joseph Schwartzman is a channeler and an artist. He was born and still lives in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. He is very active in the field of personal spiritual growth. He wrote the book "Creating Light, How to Illuminate Your Life" and is working on an extensive website on this subject. For more information, please visit Channeling Spirit Guides.