The South Beach Diet works, for most people. Its low fat,low carb approach helps you lose weight quickly and easily.Health benefits are great too.

But there's some easy mistakes you must avoid.

Gain Weight in Phase 2

Most people do well being strict in Phase 1. But whathappens when you switch into Phase 2 ? Often, you put someweight back on again. Why ? Because your body's starved ofcarbs for 2 or 3 weeks. At the start of Phase 2 it grabsatevery carb you give it, and turns them into fat. I learnedthis lesson the hard way, gaining 2 lbs in my first Phase 2week. So reintroduce carbs slowly when you go into Phase2, and make sure they're good carbs.

Feel Hungry

Yes, if South Beach makes you hungry, you're doing itwrong. You don't need to feel hungry. Eat 3 meals a day,with snacks in between, choosing from the foods allowed inyour current phase.

Stay in Phase 1 for too Long

Isn't Phase 1 great ? You can lose from 8 to 13 lbs injust 2 weeks, without being hungry. So why leave Phase 1 ?Why not keep up your rapid weight loss ? Because you muststart adding some carbs back in. A healthy diet includessome good carbs like wholemeal bread, porridge and fruit. Apermanent Phase 1 also gets a little boring, and you'llstart to cheat. Yes you will. A few biscuits here, a fewbiscuits there, and soon you're cheating rather thandieting. It's better to switch into Phase 2 after 2-3weeks, and accept a slower healthier weight loss.

Fall Victim to Bread Craving

How many people list 'bread' as an addiction ? Seriously,there's a lot. Unfortunately, white bread is right near thetop of the Glycemic index, and about the worst food youcaneat on your diet. When you get into Phase 2 you're allowedto eat bread, but only slices of wholemeal. Same with riceand pasta. Small amounts, and ideally whole grainversions. Bad carbs add weight.

Ignore the Health Benefits

Most people start a diet to lose weight. I guess that'swhat a diet is for. But some diets, particularly SouthBeach, have major health benefits. In fact, it's worthgoing on the South Beach Diet just for the health benefits,even if you don't lose weight (but you do). My bloodpressure was high when I started. After 3 weeks it was backto normal. People with pre-diabetes, or potential heartproblems, can much reduce their risk by following thisdiet. So there's lots of beneficial internal changes inyour blood chemistry happening while you're losing weight.

So if you follow the South Beach Diet properly, you'll getgreat results. You'll lose weight quickly, keep it off, andget some major health benefits.

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Author's Bio: 

Neil Stelling is a successful result of the South Beach Diet, losing 15 lbs in his first 2 weeks. Now he's writing a series of articles to help others achieve the same results.