Ten reasons to take a Reiki course...

1) Reiki courses teach you how to self-heal, so that on a daily basis you can balance your body, mind and spirit/soul and heal any physical problems/conditions or emotional traumas that need addressing. A Reiki course will empower you to take control of your own health and well-being.

2) Many people are looking for direction and guidance in life but do not know where to find it. If you feel like something is missing from your life, then you can benefit from learning a Reiki course. We all need spiritual fulfillment and a spiritual connection to be truly happy and if we are lacking in that, then we really have nothing. Learning a Reiki course will allow you to connect to your intuition. By doing this you will be able to make the choices that are right for you in life and follow your true life purpose.

3) Stress is a major contributing factor in a whole range of illnesses and millions of work days are lost per year due to stressed employees. A Reiki course can help you to find inner peace and clarity and by self-healing every day your worries will not seem so significant, as you start to see the ‘bigger picture' and more purpose to life.

4) Reiki courses don't just relieve stress and help you to relax as is commonly believed. Reiki can actually be used to directly work on physical and emotional conditions. Reiki works by channeling the appropriate frequency into the body to bring the damaged area(s) back to a harmonious state of being. By taking level I and II Reiki courses you can learn how to use Reiki for yourself and others for conditions such as: stress, cancer, depression, torn ligaments, sports injuries, nerve damage, fractures, chronic fatigue syndrome, arthritis, addictions and more. Reiki can help with any illness.

5) A process called ‘attunements' are used on Reiki courses. These connect you to your higher self and help you to know yourself better. Many people like to think they are being true to their self but do not really understand their own true nature. Reiki shows you who you really are and opens up your mind to the things that you need in life rather than what you thought you wanted from life. As your awareness increases you will steadily begin to follow your higher path and will be astonished by what you can achieve.

6) Do you ever feel like you are taking from life and not giving anything back? If you take the level 1 and II Reiki courses you will be able to offer Reiki treatments to others as well as yourself. Helping others with Reiki is a very soul satisfying endeavor and there is nothing quite like being able to offer a healing gift to someone in need. Treating others with Reiki and seeing them walk away happy, healthy and contented will show you the true meaning of unconditional love.

7) Learning a Reiki course and self-healing will help you to see people as they really are. Often in life we give people the benefit of the doubt even if deep down we do not really trust them. We can often be blind to dishonesty and to people who are just out to use us. Learning Reiki can make you feel like you had lived in darkness your entire life and suddenly the light has been switched on. You can see people as they really are. You can distinguish your real friends from those who have a hidden agenda. This will help you to only give your time and energy to those who really deserve it.

8) Everyone accumulates emotional traumas in life, whether they are consciously aware of this or otherwise. Many people think that by burying a trauma or even by talking through a trauma that they have dealt with it. This is not true. Emotional traumas leave a negative energy in our bodies and if this energy is left to fester and not removed our emotional traumas continually hold us back in life and prevent us from achieving our full potential. Reiki courses teach you how to heal these emotional traumas by healing the negative energy associated with them. This will ensure that you no longer feel any pain linked with the past and you will finally be free to be your true self, without anything to hold you back.

9) Many people get trapped in a vicious circle follow the same unhealthy lifestyle patterns and habits over their lifetime. Despite attempts to change this behavior many people are too bogged down by their life and unmotivated to make the huge changes they need in their life. Reiki courses can change the way you look at life and deal with situations. Suddenly it doesn't become so difficult to make those essential changes. They just naturally occur as and when they need to. A newfound perspective will help you to love yourself more and love others more but in such a way that they will not take you for granted.

10) I briefly mentioned it earlier but it deserves a point to itself, happiness is something that everyone longs for and very few people actually achieve. The founder of Reiki, Mikao Usui, said that Reiki was the ‘art of inviting happiness.' People very often misconceive what it means to be truly happy and wrongly associate fulfillment with, for example: their status in society, the pursuit of physical desires such as material possessions, having a family, being intellectual and high achieving, recreational drinking and drugs, having many sexual partners. All of these things can only lead to short term fulfillment and then the person is left wondering where their next high is going to come from. True happiness comes from being inextricably connected to your intuition or higher self and following your true path on earth, from understanding the Universe and your place in the Universe. Without that bond the soul suffers.

Author's Bio: 

Heather Goldstein, CRM/T
Full Time Reiki Practitioner in Henderson, NV USA