Autoresponders are one of my favorites tools. I used to do business in the traditional word (I owned a pizzeria), and the process of delivery, was after the preparation itself, the core of the business.
But that was to much work to handle for a single man, so I had a team ready to deliver at anytime.

Why I love so much auto responders?

Your business is on autopilot. Once everything is setup properly, you can forget it, and focus on a second business. It is called: Set and Forget technology. I learned from one of my teachers in Internet Marketing that you definitively need an autoresponder if you want to success in Internet business.

You don't know what is an auto responder? Aren't you tired of taking the time to manually follow up with every single one of your potential customers? Keeping track of names, e-mail addresses, and what marketing information you've sent to which lead is exhausting, isn't it?

Here it is: The Auto responder does all of that "cyber-paperwork" for you. You simply set the system up, and it runs completely independently: Your leads ask you for information through a form on your web site or an email response to your ad, and your auto responder at any time of day or night, and the send this information to them immediately.

You can even set the system up to address each of your leads by name. Also, date variables mean you can offer each new lead a time sensitive offer. It has been proven that a prospect must see your marketing message at least 7 times before deciding to buy from you.

But, contacting every single one of your leads manually at least 7 times, gets very complicated. The process will soon take hours - even days! So you understand now what is your benefit with that utility?

* You put your business on autopilot, and increase your sales by 400%!
* You spend more time with your family.
* You save time, reduce stress, build customer loyalty, increase conversion ratios, and make more money.
* and much more...

You will find different autoresponder programs on the web: some are free, but you are able to upgrade to a paid member later. For instance, you will find:

Free Autoresponder services that offers unlimited Autoresponders, no maximum mail lengths, but they ad a small ad at the top of your message, all that can be removed if you upgrade, with amazing features.

Also: Paid Autoresponder with templates for your newsletter, training can try it for free the first month in some cases. If for any reason you are not satisfied you will get a refund.

And you will also find some autoresponders which work as ad exchanges for their subscribers these are free Autoresponder with an interesting twist, as it works like an exchange service: At the top of your message, there is a little advertisement, and in turn, your advertisement will appear at the top of messages send out by the other subscribers.

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Franck Silvestre promotes the Best Affiliate Marketing Tools.
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