First, what is lunch bucket mentality? Usually this phrase is referenced with football players and their approach to the game. “Rough, tough, lunch bucket group of guys”, is how the sportscasters and critics describe the best of the best players. They’ll do what ever it takes to win, a “real physical bunch!” who leave it all out on the field.

Can this mentality be applied to other aspects of life? Absolutely! You often here stories of war heroes, police, firefighters and regular members of society who willingly put face life and death situations. They survive and save lives because of their strong will and determination.

I was watching a television program recently about a war veteran from Iraq. He was in a tank which was blown up. He lost one of his legs and almost his life. The one thing he mentioned repeatedly throughout the show was unwillingness to leave his children without a Father. This inner strength of mind and resolve to live brought him home to his children, despite being pronounced dead twice on the way to a hospital. How can you explain that? I don’t know that there is any logical way to explain it. You either have the fight in you - or you don’t.

Having the willingness to scrape and struggle your way toward your goal, no matter the obstacles facing you straight in the eyes; this is the “lunch bucket mentality”. Hard working, tolerant of difficult conditions, strong-minded survivors have the state of mind which brings a winning edge over other people, companies and industries; this is the “lunch bucket salesperson”.

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