An area of Traditional Chinese Medicine that is not often discussed is the effect that acupuncture has on the emotions. It can literally change how you feel in a matter of minutes and have a lasting effect when the needles are left in for 30 minutes.

It can take away emotional pain, lighten depression, ease grief, reduce panic attacks and weaken the effects of shock.
In fact there isn't an emotional state that Acupuncture won't have some positive affect on.

Our emotions are powerful feelings and can be looked at as "the minds thoughts having an effect on the physical body". Emotions are energy or vibration that have a direction effect on many body systems.

The beauty of Acupuncture is that it works on all levels of a persons' health, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. And it does this all simultantsly. The energy goes to what every level that is needed at the time.

We can't change the energy of the physical body without changing the other levels of being. When I use acupuncture to heal I am using Qi (chi), the natural energy of the body. Scientists argue over what comes first, the electrical energy of the nervous system or the chemical reactions of the cells. And yet every cell in our body needs both to perform and stay alive.

In fact up to the 1970's only the electrical energy of the brain and nervous system could be tested. There is a great book to read about how the scientists discovered the brain chemicals that create each one of our emotional states. We now can name the chemical that has a direct relationship to each emotion. The brain chemicals are called neuropeptide molecules. For more information read 'Molecules Of Emotions' by Candace B. Pert, Ph.D.

An interesting fact in Dr. PERTs' book is that she states that the scientists can't study acupuncture because they have no way of testing it and until they do they avoid even going there.

In Traditional Chinese and other forms of Asian Medicine the Doctor would understand that above our nervous system and the physical body there are layers of energy. And this electrical blueprint forms the matrix of how the body is formed. Scientists are beginning to be able to test these theories.

We know that when a cell subdivides it sends out a microwave pattern of itself. We can also see the body's electrical field through kirlan photography. The acupuncture points have an electrical charge that is easy picked up with the right electical equipment.

Einstein said that energy must exist before matter is formed, that there must be an electrical charge to create the structure. It is the old question of which came first the chicken or the egg?

The whole of Traditional Chinese Medicine(TCM) is based on the understanding of the energy comes first and the structure follows. In Acupuncture there are many levels of energy, many different forms of vibration.

This is not hard to relate to if we understand that right now the room you are siting in has many forms of energy flowing through it. There are radio waves, TV, Mobil phone, satellite Global positioning and that is just what we know at this moment. What is so amazing is that each one has a different wave length and can easily fit into the same space.

So it doesn't take much of a stretch to understand that within your body there are many levels of energy. The bones vibrate at a slower frequency that your blood does and your blood is a lower level than your thoughts and we can then look at the diffent brainwave frequencies of Beta, Alpha, Theta and Delta Again I am still staying within the knowledge of present day western scientist.

I haven't discussed the Indian Chakras energy system or the meditative levels of Buddhist monks.

In TCM each emotion has its own vibrational rate and each vibration has corresponding organs. What I mean is that each organ of the body has a corresponding emotion. In TCM the emotion can have a direct effect on its organ partner and the organ can have a direct effect on the emotion.

In Traditional Chinese terms if you feeling the same emotion every day then it will filter down into the body and cause its organ partner to go out of balance. A common western medicine example would be if you worry to much you will eventually end up with a stomach ulcer. The TCM doctors have been saying for 4000 years that worry resides in the Stomach/Spleen/Pancreas organs

So if the organ stores the emotion and goes out of balance maybe we could restore the organs balance and that would bring the emotion back into balance.

If you have a series of acupuncture treatments for anything you will also reap the benefit of a change in your emotional state. You will notice that you are feeling stronger, thinking clearer, are able to make healthy choices for yourself and that you feel better overall.

I often hear clients talk about how they have made some major changes in there lives since starting treatments. My frustration is they don't connect it to their treatments because it has happened gradually and has felt quit natural to make the right decisions, even though they could have been procrastinating for 6 months or more.

It is the change in my emotional state that keeps drawing me back to acupuncture. No other healing modality was able to help me feel emotionally better so quickly. When I feel low, stuck, worried, afraid and angery, I know it is time for me to have some acupuncture.

When I am emotionally down I know my Qi energy is out of balance or weak. I also know that with a few treatments I will again be seeing and experiencing a happier and more peaceful world.

The thing to remember is that all emotional states can and do change. Our feelings are our guidance system, they can tell us if we are in balance. They can show us that we are either on the right track or not, if not then it is time for some Acupuncture.
Change the Qi, change the emotions.

Author's Bio: 

Robert is a holistic practitioner and workshop facilitator
Bachelor of Acupuncture, Dip. Herbal Medicine, Educational /BodyTalk Kinesiologist, Emotional Freedom Techniques, Workshop Facilitator, Meditation teacher.
Member. Australian Acupuncture Chinese Medicine Association.
Member. National Herbal Association Australia.