Suffering from acne? Uncover the truth here. Although there are literally hundreds of acne cure products available for sale, none of them can actually claim that theirs is the most effective one. Acne solutions are elusive for thousands of people across the planet. For one reason or another, the fixes they try do not work for their particular case and they find themselves frustrated and feeling hopeless. Living with acne can feel like living in a nightmare.

They try pills and ointments one on top of the other but keep finding that they either do not work for them or they do not keep their acne from coming back. If this describes you, you may be wondering if the only "option" you have is to keep trying treatment after treatment without an end in sight. In the end, that may be exactly how you will find success but keep in mind that effective treatments for acne are also tied up in great measure to the prevention of acne.

This is not a condition that only effects teenagers. Millions of adults have the same problems. Acne can take over your life no matter what your age. Dating is hard, making new friends is hard even seeing your own family can make you feel like you want to hide your face. Many people feel so unattractive and worthless that it ruins their life.

Probably all acne sufferers have tried and been disappointed in all the topical washes and creams at some time in their lives. These chemicals make your face itch, burn and turn red.

There is a way to face the world with confidence. You can get back your self esteem and its not by going through a twice a day ritual that leaves you dry and disappointed. You can learn a healthy way to take care of this problem. You can learn ten things to eat that makes your skin clearer and ten things that makes your skin worse.

Prevention and Acne Solutions

Do not neglect a daily cleansing routine- Twice a day, you should be washing your skin with mild cleansers, warm water and a soft cloth.

Use an astringent on your skin every morning- Do not do this more than once a day as too much application will dry out your skin without giving you added benefits.

Get your exercise- Daily cardio routines increase blood circulation and keep your skin oxygenated.

Eat healthy- Some people have food allergies that cause acne eruptions, so be on the watch for food that might trigger a breakout. Process sugars impede your immune system. Caffeine and alcohol dehydrate your skin. Skin that is dry from dehydration is unhealthy skin.

Try topical acne treatments - both over the counter treatments and prescription. Those that contain salicylic acid, sulfur, benzoyl peroxide, zinc or hydroxy solutions have been known to work for many people.

Avoid foods rich in vegetable oil. Sounds simple? True. I have proven this myself. I tried to avoid foods processed with vegetable oil like sunflower oil, and my acne were nowhere in sight! Terrific, isn't it?

Vegetable oil causes hormonal imbalance. And when it does, you are most likely to develop acne. If only I have known this fact long ago then I wouldn't need to suffer from acne for many years. Believe me, there are a lot of food choices everyday but why stick to the ones that will make you look ugly because of acne? Avoid vegetable oil and you will not regret it.

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