Aho! I am using an analogy this morning to explain this teaching to you. We are walking through a forest. We created this forest with our beliefs. It is unique to us and not like anyone else's forest. No one else can walk in our own forest, only us. Everything that is beautiful here we created with our beliefs and perceptions and past experiences. And everything dark and scary here we also created with our beliefs, perceptions and traumas and experiences.

With each step we take we can perceive something new. We can become the observer and see the glistening of the leaf or hear the whippoorwill if we can just observe. We can see things that we could not see yesterday because we are doing the work to open our selves up to perceiving new things, the point of lesson one. There are said to be 1.5 billion possible perceptions in a life time and the normal human perceives only 15,500 ways. So awareness and letting things show YOU what they are, learning to use your inner senses so that you can perceive more, is all part of sensing this forest and knowing where it is you are walking!

Up ahead off in the distance is a meadow, also of your own creation. You know you want to get to that meadow. You know it exists but you have not been there yet. This path will lead you there. You cannot just teleport yourself there, you cannot wait sitting down on your path for some eagle to pick you up and fly you there. You have to walk step by step along your path.

If you just sit down there, you will get no where and will be stuck in the same place looking at the same old things forever. No changes, just the same old problems and circumstances. But if you walk you take a journey and see new things and have new experiences and create new things with each thought. If you run into a tree you can step back, rub your booboo and see the Light coming from the meadow off in the distance. Let that Light remind you what your goal is and dust yourself off and keep walking. You created this forest and you can make it even more beautiful by thinking positive thoughts and feeling gratitude and loving all the things in the forest you created. You can choose more benefiting beliefs and walk with those to create even more beautiful trees and let your life experience be more full and beautiful as you walk by choosing these new beliefs. You can eliminate the dark shadows by letting go of old memories you no longer need, old worries, old non benefiting beliefs. Trimming the trees as you go to let more sunshine in!

This is a path and the only way to walk it is to experience it. It is not a mental game. It is a 4 body experience. I want to help you walk your forest in joy and peace and light and to really have this full experience because we only get to walk through this forest one time. I want to help you find your way to the meadow beyond.

Aho (meaning)
"I speak my truth"

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A Traditional Indigenous Shaman practicing for over 50 years, Shaman Elder Maggie brings guidance, counseling and teaches an online course for those who are seeking complete health freedom and power. A FREE consultation is available with her on her website at www.shamanelder.com