The American Diabetes Association states there are more than 20 million people in the United States that have diabetes. It is estimated that there are over six million people that have the signs and symptoms of diabetes mellitus and are in the dark when it comes to the ailment. The World Health Organization states estimates that there are over 200 million people world wide that have the signs and symptoms of diabetes mellitus. Many do not know they have the disease as well. It is an unknown killer for some people.

The signs and symptoms of diabetes mellitus, a metabolic disease, need medical diagnosis, treatment and a change in eating habits.

Insulin, a hormone released from the pancreas, controls the magnitude of sugar in the blood. While or after someone eats or drinks, food is broken into materials, including sugar that the body needs to function. Sugar is soaked up into the bloodstream and then stimulates the pancreas to make insulin. This allows sugar to travel from the blood into the cells. Once inside the cells, sugar is converted to energy. This energy can be used immediately or stored for later usage.

If the body does not produce enough insulin to move the sugar into the cells, the resulting high levels of sugar in the blood and the unfit amount of sugar in the cells together produce the sign and symptoms of diabetes mellitus. Or high blood sugar levels.

Some or all of these signs and symptoms of diabetes mellitus may be present. Check them out.

Your stomach size is over 102 cm (men) and 88 cm (women). That's 40 inches (man) and 34.5 inches (woman).
You do not exercise more than half an hour daily. Like walking, running, gardening or dancing. The key is cardiovascular workouts.
You are using medicine for high blood pressure - some medicines do not mix well with other medicines.
In the past you have been diagnosed at least once for a high blood sugar.
Diabetes type 1 ("juvenile diabetes") or type 2 ("adult onset diabetes") occurs in your family.

It is very important if you have any questions or any concerns about your own health issues or the health of your loved ones to sit down with a doctor. Once they have viewed your signs and symptoms of diabetes mellitus you can make an intelligent decision on what is best for you.

Please pass this on to someone that you think can benefit. You never know who you might help.

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