There are currently 5.2 million asthmatics in the UK; every day an average of 4 people die from asthma in this country. In the US approximatewly 17 million people (6.4% of the entire American population) suffer from asthma, and experience a poorer quality of life because of it.

Yamoa Powder, a dietary supplement, is an effective alternative to combat asthma, hay fever and other allergic respiratory conditions. The product is made from the powdered bark of a rare gum tree found only in Ghana, West Africa. The bark is soaked in clean water and thoroughly cleaned, and then completely dried naturally. The finished product contains no chemicals or additives. Before the powder is bottled for sale, samples are sent for testing and analysis as part of an exacting quality control system.

Yamoa Powder has been used in West Africa for generations; it is a totally natural product with no known side effects; both adults and children can take it.

YAMOA POWDER (Funtumia Elastica) is a natural alternative that has been used over the generations to invigorate the respiratory system.

The secret recipe derived from the bark of a rare gum tree found in Ghana West Africa, has proved to be a remarkable natural healing resource.

The secret was kept by Jerry Yamoa’s grandmother Akua Asirifia until 1994 when Jerry finally persuaded her to tell him what the source was for her healing powder.

Realising that there are millions of sufferers from pollen and other respiratory allergies, Jerry decided to bring the powder over to the UK.

While Yamoa Powder does not give instant relief, many people notice significant improvement within a week, with 84% of people noticing a significant change in their condition within a month. 46% of people who took Yamoa Powder noticed at minimum a marked improvement in their condition. To see up-to-date statistics on Yamoa Powder go to This report changes daily as customers respond to a live online survey.

Yamoa Powder is a completely natural product suitable for adults and children alike.


19th June 1998

With regards to your Yamoa Powder for asthmatics, I am pleased to be able to report that a number of my members have come to me praising the effectiveness of your product, this is a welcome cure for asthma....myself and my other safety reps have been...trying to achieve better working conditions for people who suffer from respiratory conditions....a number of people are able to lead a more comfortable lifestyle, thanks to your tremendous effort and help in supplying your product to have also cured members of their of my female colleagues who had spent a long time trying to achieve a more comfortable condition for her son. After a course of your powder the child never had to use inhalers anymore.
Tom Biggs – Area Health and Safety Rep. Communication Worker’s Union.

15th April 2005
I have had a lot of trouble with my 3 year old's asthma. This worked the third night I gave it to him I noticed him not breathing quite as heavily as he had been. I also have had trouble keeping his hemoglobin level up but for the first time when we went for his test over two weeks after finishing the product his hemoglobin was up 10 points higher than ever before. This product did work while taking it. And when he went for his check up for his asthma his lungs sounded clear the doctor was amazed asking me what I did different. Jennifer, Leesburg, FL, USA

4th October 2004
I have used Yamoa Powder for almost three months now. I ordered my fourth month just recently. Since beginning my usage, I have not had to use Advair once or use any inhalers. I still have some sneezing and sometimes, a very little tinge of tightness in my chest, but all in all, this has been miraculous and exciting, because those other drugs prescribed by the Doctor caused me a variety of side effects and concerns. I still take allergy shots once a week and when I do, I use Claritin-D only for that day. So, from the bottom of my heart, thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!! Deb Gilman, Scottsdale, AZ

9th September 2004
I am doing much better, I have not had to use my inhalers or the nebulizer for the past 3 weeks, I can breath better, but with all the other health concerns I am glad that this seems to work very well and as soon as I can get some more money I am going to get more. I have introduced it to others and will see how they are doing on it to.
Thank you for a wonderful product. Phyllis Schockner. Tehachapi, Ca

10th June 2004
I ordered this about 6 months ago and since taking it I haven't had any problem with the asthma that has been plaguing me in recent years. I am sending for another order as I have a cousin I want to try it. His asthma is much more chronic - he's had it all his life like his father before him. He spends a lot of money on his medication. I think it is ritalin he takes plus the inhalers. I still use the inhaler advair as does my cousin - plus another inhaler. I have told him I wouldn't cut out his med. completely, maybe just wean off it gradually. But I am sure grateful the Yamoa has stopped my asthma. Thank you - Mrs Roberta Richards (age 83), Augusta, USA

5th June 2004
We live in the high desert and have continual strong winds which blow much dust and allergens. My resperatory system was continually swollen and conjested. At night I slept sitting up so I could breathe. This has been going on for 20 years. Only two weeks have passed since beginning Yamoa powder and I can breathe through my nose and sleep lying down! Headaches are decreasing. Thanks a million times! JB, Mojave Desert, USA

24th February 2004
I was sent two bottles of Yamoa about a month ago. I am currently now off all Asthma meds and free from them about three weeks now. I will contact you again in a few weeks with my progress. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! SHARON WOOLFOLK, USA

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Tania has been working in the complementary health field since 1995, initially as a Reflexologist and Accupressure Massage therapist. Since 1999 she has been actively involved in the promotion and provision of Yamoa Powder for asthma and hay fever sufferers, experiencing this incredible natural side-effect free resource as one of the very few long term solutions to asthma and hay fever sufferers' plight.