When you decide to bite the bullet and lose weight, setting weight loss goals can help. These four goals to weight loss success can not only help you with losing weight, but they can also help when you set goals for other things in your life as well such as a career change or changing a habit. Setting goals can help you achieve the things that you want in life. It provides an organized path that you can follow. If you set small goals on the way to achieving your larger goal, then the smaller goals can serve as benchmarks toward success. These steps will help you.

Step One; Make Small Changes

Think in the long term by being willing to settle for small changes in the short term. Small changes such as exercising three times per week or losing a pound every two weeks are very achievable. You can also set specific daily fat and sugar intake maximums as you learn to eat healthier. Start with easy goals to attain. Don't fall for quick results gimmicks such as weight loss pills. Make goals checklists on your calendar to check off upon completion and give yourself a sense of achievement. Don't set any goals for yourself that you will have great difficulty with at this point in your planning. You don't want to burn out before you even get a chance to see results.

Step Two; Extend Your Changes

Set more ambitious extensions of the small changes you are making. These can be goals that have some level of difficulty, but with more time to achieve them You might, for example, try to exercise four times per week for twice as long. Decrease your consumption of unhealthy foods while increasing your consumption of fruits and vegetables. If you are having issues with your self-image, consider setting a goal to get professional counselling. Make all of the early changes more permanent and find new ways to improve your results.

Step Three; View Everything in Proper Perspective

Effective weight loss goals should all fit within your life outlook and life purpose. All of the smaller changes you've been making up to this point should have been aimed at the long-term view of things. As you put your effective weight loss goals in perspective, you should be able to picture yourself the way you want to be when your goals have been achieved. In other words, you should know how much weight you want to lose or how fit you want to look. Write down your long-term goals. Just as you want to see your daily goals checklist each day, you will benefit from seeing what all of these daily goals are leading up to each day. Remembering why you are doing these things each day will help you to keep doing them each day regardless of the amount of short-term results achieved..

Step Four; Get Specific

This is where you set a specific time frame for your daily goals, intermediate goals and big picture goals. As you see your goals become reality and you meet them, reward yourself. Don't use food as a reward, instead buy a new outfit, go get a facial, get a manicure or pedicure instead.

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