Even with today's technology, everything is still not completely understood on what causes muscle growth. There are actually a whole series of biological processes that are triggered after hard, heavy weight training.

These processes work together to repair the muscle fiber and produce an adaptation to the stress you have just placed on it. Don't forget weight training is only the initial stress, the starting point in the muscle growth cycle. Producing muscular gains in is a result of the degree of adaptation and, this is entirely in your control. Weight training without the proper rest and nutrition will not build muscle!

The breakdown of muscle fibers is an important part, however, the studies shows muscle adapts very quickly to a training stress, that muscle toughen up and are not damaged as easily by a repeat of the same stimulus. This is why you must make subtle changes to your training and the longer you've been training the more you will need to do this. Always stick with the basic pushing and pulling exercise, just change exercises, angles and order in which you perform them.

A very precise environment within the body must be created, then maintained within the body or no muscle growth will occur due to the fact building muscle is not a main priority for the human body. So remember to get insulin levels up right away after training with glucose based drinks and foods. Then you must also flood your body with an abundance of amino acids through a high quality protein like whey.

Therefore combined protein/carb meals must be eaten very regularly throughout the day and night. Pay extra attention to the 3 hour window after your workout to supply your body with the proper nutrients to repair and rebuild muscle tissue. Always remember the weight training triangle, Training, Nutrition, Rest...

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