Soul Recovery, also known as Soul Retrieval, is a healing tool utilized by shamanic practitioners to reclaim lost energy. Parts of your energy become lost when you experience traumatic events. Events such as divorce, death of a loved one, accidents, and illnesses all cause what we term ‘soul loss’ or lost energy.

Soul loss can also occur from events that would seem mild to you as an adult but were perceived as intense in childhood. Soul Recovery is a way to retrieve these lost parts and integrate them into your current life. This restores you to wholeness, resulting in additional energy and empowerment to move forward on your life’s path with joy and ease.

Soul loss occurs for many reasons. Any experience that you perceive as threatening can cause an aspect of yourself to leave. Your psyche uses this as a defense when an event is too overwhelming in order to protect you from the full emotional impact.

The price for this protection is a loss of spirit. You may become ‘shut down’ or numb in response to this energy loss. Your soul parts are often stuck in the past event that caused them to leave. You may experience feelings due to the event but be unable to resolve them. Without Soul Recovery these lost parts are rarely reunited with yourself.

In a Soul Recovery session the lost soul parts are retrieved and returned to you so that you can begin the process of integration and become whole again. After Soul Recovery, profound changes occur in the way you experience life. The changes are permanent as you integrate the returned parts of yourself and begin to experience wholeness.

You may notice yourself responding more favorably to situations and people that were former emotional triggers. Some people notice an increased ability to ‘feel life’. As you become more whole in your own life, relationships change. You are able to interact with presence and inner balance because more of your true self is accessible to you. When you are experiencing wholeness, you live from a centered place, able to direct your own life from your heart.

Soul Recovery should be performed by a qualified shamanic practitioner. Shamanic journeying is the method used by most shamanic practitioners to perform soul recovery. Soul Recovery is a powerful tool for bringing these lost soul parts home to the heart where they can be nurtured integrated. This allows you to experience life as a fully present being, walking your own path anchored in your true self.

Author's Bio: 

Margaret Celli has been doing soul recovery work in Sedona for over 10 years. You can experience the power of her shamanic work during a Sedona spiritual retreat.