Panic disorder affects millions of people worldwide. People experiencing panic disorder experience severe bouts of anxiety, nervousness, feeling of having a heart attacks, palpitations, etc. In fact, panic disorder suffering people claim they sometimes feel like they were about to die of a heart attack while experiencing a panic attack. Avoiding panic attacks are often researched by those that suffer from them. And they will find a lot of cures, but knowing which one to pick isn't that easy.

Ever since Louis Pasteur there has been a lot of talks about medications that treat panic attacks and natural cures that do the same. Some people combine the two and others use medication only or natural cures for panic attacks only.

Causes of Panic Disorder

Panic disorders, also known as general anxiety disorder (GAD) or panic attacks, are caused when the mind perceives a relatively harmless situation to be a potential danger and hence triggers the physical anxiety sensations.

Psychotherapy: This technique offers some support to try to reduce or minimize the fears one may have. The problem with this technique is that recurrent attacks may occur which would then require some additional methods.

Cognitive-behavioral therapy: This panic disorder treatment teaches people how to deal with panic symptoms they get. The therapy uses muscle relaxation and breathing techniques to achieve the goal of eliminating panic attacks all together.

Antidepressants: These are administered by someone who is a professional and I suggest that you do not take these unless given to you by a doctor. They help reduce the frequency of panic and anxiety attacks. Beware of the many side effects that come with these antidepressants. Some of the pills may actually produce the same symptoms you are trying to rid yourself of. So make sure you start off with a small dosage.

The entire family will be affected when someone in the family has panic attacks. You may feel stressed out and frustrated or isolated, that is because the activities in the family are restricted. Counseling is one type of family therapy where the entire family is involved and it will be helpful for all members in the family.

Medication can make you think you're close to being saved, when you're not. By having less panic attacks, those that suffer from them are surprised when they show up again. When you take medication and the attack comes anyway, the one that suffers from it is left with only a prayer to deal with it.

But, if you use natural techniques, you can ease the panic attacks. Yes, the panic and anxiety medication will make the attacks happen less, but you don't have something to fight them when they happen. You can do that with natural cures, though.

The problem is that medication works only if you continue to take it, so there is no end in sight to get rid of it. You should eliminate it with natural cures instead and stop taking panic attack medication that comes with side effects.

Instant relief can be good sometimes, but it's not the answer. Instead, you should hope for a good future and treat it as soon as possible.

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