“$20K per month working online.” “Our website makes you money while you sleep.” “Our company will make you a gozillionare with no work.” Blah blah blah. Come on. Is any of this for real?

Have you ever listened to the stories of people making millions on the internet and wondered, is it really true? Could I do that? How do I do that?

Are you one of those who have stepped out in faith only to lose more money then you earned...the promises of money simply flowing into your pocket seeming to be a fantasy? You’re not alone. Every day, hundreds if not thousands of people attempt to change their lives by working from home on the internet. Every day, countless people give up. Before I go any further let me just say that if you are one of those persons, DON’T GIVE UP!!

The truth is that most people in America today are online. More and more, when the consumer wants or needs a product or service, they go online FIRST. Therefore, you can make a large full-time income from home on internet, if you do it right.

Success on the internet really requires 4 things of you:
1. You must understand WHY you are trying to work on the internet
2. You must FIND people (or have them find you)
3. You must effectively COMMUNICATE with those people
4. You must SORT through those people

Before I go any further, please understand after reading this article you will not be an expert. If you ask a pilot how to land an airplane, he can tell you and the steps are actually very simple. However, every student pilot knows that applying those steps takes many failed approaches before the skill is really learned. In the same way, you must be willing to make mistakes. If you will choose to learn from your mistakes, then you can and will achieve success working a home based internet business.

You must understand WHY you are trying to work on the internet.

Have you asked yourself that? It sounds so simple, but have you spent time trying to understand what’s in it for you? I have seen many people attempt to start working on the internet, but within days they are done. In most cases, they never started. TV, schedules, and life in general got in the way. They never really understood why they were doing it. Take some time tonight and make a list of 20 different reasons why you are doing this business. Keep those reasons in front of you at all times.

You must FIND people (or have them find you)

If you are working on the internet, this will probably involve a website. There are a number of ways to expose people to your website. Press releases, classified ads, articles, and blogs are just a few ways. Off line methods can also be used like flyers, drop cards, and post cards.

In any case, they need to be directed somewhere where they can decide if they want more information and “opt-in” by giving you their information. For example, I send people to http://www.FloridaHomeBasedInternetBusiness.com. People who want to work from home on the internet get to watch a short video. If it interests them, they leave their information and I contact them via email.

You must effectively COMMUNICATE with those people

The goal is not to “pitch” someone on joining your business or buying your product. Rather, focus on helping them get what they want. How do you know what they want? Well, what information did they opt-in for? Use email, audio, video, and of course personal contact to show THEM how they can get what they want. Quite frankly, the prospect doesn’t care about your business or product. If you can show them that they can get what they want, and your business will allow that, you will not be able to stop them from making the purchase or joining your team.

Your must SORT through people

The bottom line is most people will not want your product or be interested in your business. That’s okay. Move on. In fact, be glad when you find this out because you don’t have to waste any more time with them. Don’t focus on convincing someone to join or buy. Just focus on finding people, communicating with them, and sorting through those who are interested while eliminating those who are not.

Will you become rich working on the internet overnight? Don’t count on it. There is no doubt that challenges are out there. However, if you will master the above points, picking yourself up every time you fall, then you can look at the future knowing that you WILL be successful running a home based business on the internet.

Author's Bio: 

Pablo Terreros and his partners are looking for leaders. If you are self-motivated and ready to finally learn how to work on the internet, contact him via the company website to see if you qualify.