Among thousands of tour packages offered by hundreds of tour operators, one must be picky to get the best. A few precautionary steps for you to truly understand the package you buy for a great trip.

The best tour and travel agencies in India gain popularity partially because of well prepared and mapped out tour packages. It is a combo pack designed to make things easier for travellers. It consists of a few places of visit, all travel tickets, hotel bookings and transportation facilities. The main advantage of a tour package is a travel guide, who is required to be adequately knowledgeable of the places of visit.

A tour package isn’t for everyone, and it doesn’t take long for a traveller to decide if he wants one or not. Some people are more nomadic than others and like to leads their own journey on an uncertain path. However, a travel package isn’t better or worse than free-spirited travelling; its just different. The aim is to travel regardless of the method.

Though there are plenty, not every package is promising. Sometimes, the package may seem promising and worth investing in but the results turn out to be disappointing. It’s true that tour packages aren’t cheap and to spend on a bad one is heartbreaking, so this is what you need to check before buying one:

1.Dates versus Destinations

Many destinations covered in a single package is a treat, but think again. Though there are loads of places to see, there may be very little time to fully enjoy anything. Be sure to compare the days against the destinations because running around destinations is a waste of time. Many days might be spent solely in travelling and by the time you arrive, you are too tired to explore.
Go through the schedule and make sure you have adequate amount of time at each destination to enjoy the trip and soak in the holiday.

2.Company reputation

This point is important because to trust a company, you will have to depend on its reputation. There are several travel companies so it’s important to read reviews and clear your doubts with your company of choice. By personal experience, BookMyTicket, based in Mumbai, is a trustworthy company with great deals, but there are many more so make your choice.

3.Inquire about the guide

Always ask the company about your travel guide and confirm his knowledge about the sites of visit. There are other uses of a guide too, such as local negotiation, translation and assistance on request. Ask if the guide provided will be capable of these things.

4.Inquire about what is inclusive and what’s not

In every tour package, the flights and hotels are inclusive, which means you make a single payment for all bills to the tour operator. Different tour operators have different policies. Some may have your breakfast, lunch and dinner inclusive whereas other may have only breakfast inclusive.
It is best to clear out all your doubts before buying a package.

5.Inquire about legal policies and other rules

Since you are directly associated with a tour company, you can ask them about legal policies such as airport rules, baggage limits, carry limits of various substances and etc. Another important thing is inquiring about company policies. Some companies have rules too which are sometimes very inconvenient when not followed.

Mostly, tour packages go smoothly conditioned the tour operator is promising. A big advantage of a tour package is homely company throughout the trip. Despite this, it is highly encouraged to talk to new people and try new things, such as food. These are the things that complete a travel experience. Ask you tour guide about any dangers you need to be away from and don’t compromise on fun. That’s the point of a vacation after all!

Author's Bio: 

Sarvesh Raul is a cultural explorer and enjoys reading, writing and music. His plan is to travel and write blogs and articles about his experiences in order to promote the travelling culture, believing that travelling can make one a better person.