You need to know a few things before you commit to a new bed. A new memory foam mattress is generally an important purchase. If you haven't slept on it before, you need to devote some time to know more about it. Memory foam mattress generally receives higher level of approval ratings than the innerspring mattresses, meaning there is a chance that you would be happy with your new bed.

With a higher level of satisfaction, the memory foam mattresses have much potential than the inner spring ones. They are popular for relieving pain, reducing the pressure and enhancing the motion isolation.

You can feel better and improve your sleeping habits through the day for many years to come, if you would be able to purchase a right memory foam mattress for your bed. You can get some of the best mattress deals on Black Friday from many online platforms that usually offer you quality mattress at affordable rates.

How to find the perfect Memory foam mattress?

• Consideration of Different types.

All memory foam mattresses are not the same. They come in different sizes and varieties. The three main types of memory foam mattresses are -

• Traditional Memory foam.

It is developed by the same petroleum based material that was developed by NASA in 1960s.It is characterized by the sensitivity of high temperature, which means it feels softer when warm and firmer when cool. This property of the traditional memory foam mattress can yield slow responsiveness.

• Gel Memory Foam.

It is made up of same traditional petroleum counterparts along with the gel added to the foam. Gel memory foam can respond to movements in a better way than the traditional foam.

• Plant based Memory foam.

This has been made using natural plant materials. Hence, it is cooler, healthier and environment friendly. This material can result in fast responsiveness with the temperate-neutral foam.

Considering the needs of different people

Different people need different firmness level of the mattress. You need to consider the following things before purchasing your mattress.

• Back sleepers.

Back sleepers often need more support than the side sleepers. A memory foam mattress that is too firm can leave the lower back unsupported or can push your back against the spine. If you are a back sleeper, you should go for a medium-firm mattress.

• Side sleepers.

Side sleepers always need a softer mattress so as to relieve the pressure on the shoulder and the hips. Medium to soft mattress along with the thick comfort level generally allows your body to keep the spine straight and accommodate the curves.

• Stomach sleepers.

These types of people need firm mattress, so as to avoid the upper body from dipping too deep that can often cause the spine to be aligned imperfectly. Medium to firm beds would be the best.

• Combination sleepers

Combination sleepers or those who sleep in different positions and they should go for a mattress that is neither too soft neither too stiff. A medium-firm mattress along with a thick comfort level would give little support for the side sleeping. You need a firm mattress for those who sleep on their stomach.


There are many factors to consider while purchasing a new mattress, but the research and knowledge are two of the best tools so as to get a comfortable and a good value mattress. Talk to your retailer and read reviews before purchasing your mattress. You should take your time so as to make the right purchase and use it for many years ahead.

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