The Coronavirus pandemic has played a catalyst to interrupt business and marketing plans across the globe. Thus, making it inevitable for marketers to expedite their B2B demand generation strategy to make sure their sales pipeline has enough fuel to maintain the bottom line and make a noticeable difference to the earnings.
Before the new normal when social distancing was foreign to our ears, hosting, participating and sponsoring trade events, business conventions, and conferences was a great way of networking to find interested prospects to generate sales.
As per a recent survey, B2B organizations’ investment in live events is expected to increase by 39% in 2020. However, the pandemic changed everything overnight, making it essential for humans to lose human touch and stay connected digitally. So, the current challenge for marketers is to blend in the new normal to ensure they continue to generate sales qualified leads.
SMEs, pandemic, and B2B demand generation
To reach the epitome of business, small and medium scale businesses require qualified leads more than anyone else.
In 2020, small and medium scale businesses are among the most adversely affected sections due to the pandemic. Therefore, this is when professional B2B demand generation services such as digital marketing services, sales enablement services, content syndication program, and a few others can make all the difference.
Imagine kick-starting the week with over 10 sales inquiries in your inbox!

It is still possible.
Here are some important tactics for a healthy sales pipeline in 2020 and beyond
Never in recent history has the market witnessed such a tremendous shift overnight. Right from social distancing to work-from-home mandates managed to reshuffle a plethora of marketing elements. But the need for leads has not changed.
So let’s look at various ways to bag quality and qualified leads even during the pandemic.
Data management solutions
Believe it or not, the barrier to lead generation success is the lack of quality data. With the increase of mobile devices and wide acceptance of technologies such as artificial intelligence, big data, and more, data is easily available. But the data will make sense only if it tells a powerful story about your customer.
Remember, if your data is capable of getting into the prospect’s mind, then every bit of it is worth it. But I am sure a lot of you want to how to get this done. In a digitally progressing world, several data solutions companies offer comprehensive data solutions to sync with your lead generation strategy.
These companies often offer the following –
• Clean and concise database
• Reliable data
• Customer profiling supported by research
• Data-driven segmentation
• Improved engagement
Installed base campaigns

Installed base marketing campaigns help businesses get quality customer insights of users that use one or more of your products or services. It also analyzes install base data of partners to derive newer and better buyer profiles and preferences’ insights to open doors to a plethora of new brand new opportunities to cross-sell, up-sell, and drive more and more customers to what your company has to offer.
B2B appointment setting services
In simple terms, B2B appointment setting services is the act of networking with leads and setting up sales meets to further discuss business opportunities.
This is why SMEs should use B2B appointment setting services,
• To get more sales leads
• Focus on your target market
• Identify buyer personas
• Nurture leads
• Accomplish revenue goals
Note: In addition to these, companies can also explore services such as Account-Based Marketing Service and HQL services provided by professional B2B led generation companies.
Investing in reliable B2B lead generation services is like fishing in a pond full of fish. A professional workforce, suitable tools, strong networking, and experience help boost the bottom line of businesses from different industry verticals.
Therefore, make a clear choice for business success by investing in the most suitable B2B lead generation services for your business.

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