A sport coat, a blazer and a suit jacket are the three classic men’s wears that people often fail to differentiate them from each other. Can you wear a blazer like a suit jacket? You may commit such a fashion blunder, if you don’t really know the difference between the two. The sport coat, a blazer and a suit jacket could be meant for different functions, and they may not be interchangeable.
If you are a little confused, and can’t understand the difference between the three classic men’s upper wear, we are here for your help. A brief description of the three will clear the picture for you.

The Sport Coat

The sport coats were primarily meant for sportsmen and sport loving people only. A sport coat always fits a little loose, allowing a man to choose an underneath layering. One can easily wear a sweater underneath, if required, and which could not be possible if wearing a suit jacket.
The fabric used for making a sport coat must be rugged enough, and the popular fabrics could be tweeds. Rough fabrics with a napped structure can also be a favorite choice for making sports coats. The popular shades are blue, brown, green and gray. Sports coats with checked patterns are also in vogue.

A blazer

A blazer is more formal than a sports coat, but lesser than a suit jacket. While wearing a blazer, you may not need a matching pair of trousers, and can flaunt a casual look. At the same time, it has somehow a looser fit as compared to a suit jacket. Blazers are favorites during weekend parties and sporting events.
The most common blazer fabric available in the market comes in blue color. However, you may also choose to wear red and green blazers. The fabric types include hopsack, flannel and worsted serge.

The Suit Jacket

It’s a formal wear, and you always wear it with a matching pair of trousers, and the same fabric is used in making the jacket and the trousers in most of the cases. Thus, one should strictly avoid wearing a suit jacket as a sports coat. Because of its formal nature, a suit jacket needs more detailing, from choosing pockets to buttons, everything must be in coherence.

The suit jackets often come in classic colors of black, blue, and gray, while stripes and checks could also be possible. A suit jacket should always come with a close fitting.

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