Smoking has been a considerably common practice in the history of humankind almost all over the world since ancient ages when men learnt to – you know – smoke. The practices of smoking and the smoking devices or equipment did not stay at the stage of monotony and embraced the colour of comprehension that variety gave them. Today’s world gave a little more to that variety and enriched it by offering Shisha pens – a kind of electronic cigarette made for the welfare of humans by technology over the methods of smoking. If you are on the way to find some interesting facts about, e-cigarette smoking or vaping, then this article can help you a little bit.

Whether it is a classic novel or a modern film, you may not miss the fact of smoking in most of them. Humans have various ways to reduce the stress factor from their daily routine, and one of the ways is smoking. You found the descriptions of smoking in the books you read. You found the stories of tobacco use in the films you watch.

You even found the instance or reference to smoking in the lyrics of the songs you hear. If you want to perceive it, then go outside and you will found at least one man or woman busy inhaling the tobacco smoke.

Tobacco Smoking

But, whatever the tobacco smoke offers the smokers, it does not deliver good news to the doctors. It should not say that you are not aware of the devastation smoking can cause to a human being. It can lead to disastrous diseases and can make a person hopeless because of the numerous ailments it delivers if he or she gets engaged in smoking often or more than that.
However, you have got e-cigarettes to eradicate the natural flaws of the natural smoking. Come on. Let us find more on this scientific device.

E-Cigarette Smoking or Vaping

This is where the e-cigarettes have come in to make a difference. E-cigarettes use a different kind of procedure than the typical tobacco cigarettes. It is considered that they are less harmful than tobacco cigarettes and are likely to develop repulsive attitudes to tobacco smoking. E-cigarette smoking is also known as vaping.

Formation and Mechanism

The e-cigarette works on a mechanical method. It utilises a chargeable battery to run. It also comes with USB chargers and conducts the vaporising of a liquid solution of water, nicotine and other flavours. The third component is optional, though. This liquid is known as the e-liquid.

Heating Methods

The heating methods are differently attributed into two forms in the e-cigarettes. They are conduction and convection. The conduction process places the e-liquid on a robust and heated surface (electronically operated) to vaporise it. The other process heats up the surrounding air of the liquid to vaporise it. All of the liquid vaporizers in Australia use any one of these two methods in their e-cigarettes.


There are four elements that e-cigarettes mainly use. These components are used in the right proportions. Water is present in all of them as an agent to support the solution. But the primary agents are vegetable glycerine, propylene glycol (this chemical is also used in curing asthma and is utilised in the asthma inhalers), flavouring agent and pharmaceutical grade nicotine.

Cost Effective

Vaporizers in Australia or the e-cigarettes are much more cost-effective than typical tobacco cigarettes. If you make a habit of vaping, you are saving money as well as yourself by reducing your inclination to smoking.

Shapes and Sizes

The shapes and sizes and, that is, the structure of the e-cigarettes or Shisha pens are not like the usual tobacco-made ones. They look different and also come in a varied configuration.

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