Dentists are the only professionals that can assist us with our dental health yet a lot of us try to skip dental appointments due to dental anxiety. This type of anxiety needs to get addressed right away because your oral health is what at stake in here and eventually it will reflect towards your overall health. A big percentage of people who have this type of anxiety are kids and teenagers and if the issue is not corrected they could carry on with this anxiety until they become adults. It is important to understand where all this anxiety is coming from then it would be easier to overcome dental anxiety.This article is written with the help of Here are a few reasons why we dread the dentist.

Fear of Dental Procedures

A lot of us are afraid that the dentist may we require us to undergo a dental procedure. Let us just be honest, we don’t want to find out that we have dental issues inside our mouth and that it will require a specific dental procedure. We have no issues when it comes to regular dental cleaning but whenever there are other procedures involved then that is when we freak out.

Fear of a Dental Setting

The setting of a dental office itself already sends a reason for us to be anxious about. Being strapped to that dental chair beside a lot of tools and chemicals is not a welcome sight for anyone. This is why some dentists play soothing music and puts up an aquarium of colorful fishes to help establish a more relaxed environment that can help with their patients’ anxiety.

Traumatized of a Past Experience

The reason why some people are afraid of the dentist is due to a bad experience in the past that left them traumatized. Despite technological advancements in modern dentistry, it is still inevitable that some dentists may commit professional errors such as low dose of anesthesia that left the patient feeling pain at the latter part of a dental procedure. It could also be that disturbing image of a kid crying while holding on to his cheek after a dental procedure that was left imprinted on your head which caused your trauma. These bad experiences are sometimes inevitable but it can be rest assured that modern dentistry is in here to replace those bad memories with good ones.

The Cost and Expenses.

Let us admit that dental services are not cheap and you can rarely avail of a free dental procedure these days except maybe with regular dental checkups that are sometimes offered by dentistry students for free as a part of their educational program. There are also people who are not covered by any form of dental insurance that they cannot afford to pay for dental services in case they need to have a dental checkup.


Other people do not suffer from dental anxiety or not afraid of dental procedures but they are just plain lazy to attend to dental appointments even when they can afford to pay for the dental services. This people need to understand the importance of dental health so that they stop avoiding dental appointments from now on.

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