What is the first thing that you're inner you scream for after the long and tiring day at work? Or you start missing that amenity during the office hours? Is it truly the bed? Yes, beds are indeed the real luxury when you seek comfort.
And, giving a thought about the bed design is equally important. Because, for most of us, agree or not, the style too matters amidst the comfort. And, if the bed design is not up to the mark, then we might end up having a bad bedroom decor. So, for all those who think beauty equally matters with the design, this article is right for you.
In today's article, I have brought you the seven modern bed designs that can make your personal space a comfortable zone.

Have a glance:
Hydraulic Storage Bed Design:
This design is equipped with full of storage option in one. It also has an easy to pull out mechanism. Yes, the hydraulic storage bed design gives ease of storage with its easy to lift mechanism. In this bed design, the solid structure and hydraulic mechanism will nicely complement your bedroom furniture design with extended longevity.
Poster Double Bed Design:
Desire to have a bed design like you saw in movies or magazines? Yes, movies of fairy-tale or magazines of royal look? The latest poster bed design can take you to the world of royalness all around! This design is equipped with the four posts one in each corner which supports the upper rectangular frame. It is draped in the sheer beautiful fabric which gives an amazing sensual effect to the entire bedroom.
Upholstered Bed Design:
Tufted backrest and plush fabric! Wait, it's not only about the looks; the desired comfort is at its peak when it comes to this bed design. The upholstered bed design is infused with a comfortable backrest to lie upon. This bed design is thus a perfect blend of style and functionality.
Low Floor Bed Design:
Infused with a sleek, subtle and simple look, this low floor bed design is all about exhibiting the modern flair. This is one of the biggest benefits with the low setting furniture that they make space appear bigger. For adults and kids, this bed design is an ideal option to look for.
Trundle Bed Design:
The trundle latest bed design is like a secret chamber to bring a touch of captivation to the room. With another bed underneath the bed, it becomes truly easy to accommodate two people in one space. Trundle bed design does not hinder the appearance of the bed as well.
Sofa cum Bed Design:
It can be a sofa, and it can be a bed, this modern bed design can be the best replacement of your individual sofas or beds. Also, if space constraint is an issue, scroll no further up and down for this bed design for home.
Divan Bed Design:
These designs revamp the style and pattern of furnishing in your home in no time. From being experience the royal pleasure to find the substructure for your regular beds, this bed design can surely be the highlight of your home.
The bed design that looks beautiful and at the same time provides the utmost comfort is what we desire to have for every bedroom. The latest bed designs online can be incorporated into the bedroom. With this, the bed designs online come in an array of styles and types. So, research thoroughly and opt for the latest bed design with desired amenities like upholstered headboards, drawer storage, hydraulic storage, low height, no headboard, etc.

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The author of this article has a keen interest in furniture and home decor. Her association with Wooden Street has given her an excellent opportunity to express her love for furniture. At Wooden Street, you will find a distinctive collection of double bed designs, including the ones mentioned above