Co-living is becoming very popular in New York City, and in the past few years. At least 10 co-living companies have set up in NYC recently. The concept is very simple and not necessarily new. It is often referred to as adult dorms and this may not be too far from the truth. Co-living is basically living with strangers; however, each person is only responsible for their own room.

More about communal living in NYC

Communal living start-ups have been operative since 2012 however there are so many providers these days. The market is very competitive which ensure that there is more flexibility and many great offers available. Communal living is less about raising hippie colonies and more about creating an economical way for people to live. It allows people to manage their bills well and gives them access to great amenities like use of the pool, gym, wifi and even cleaning services. There are three general categories of co-living: full service, boutique and budget.

Most people think that finding an apartment to rent in New York City is daunting and tiring, co-living eliminates the common problems that people face when searching for an apartment. Co-living apartments do not require strict income requirements or guarantors. Co-living also removes the task of splitting bills and keeping the common areas clean. The owner of the apartment usually furnishes the whole apartment with everything that the residents would need. Many of the owners ensure that the home is stocked with staple needs like salt and pepper, tea and coffee, oil and paper towels. Everything is generally included in the monthly fee and some buildings will even offer access to events and outings to the newcomers. This is ideal for introverts or people who are lazy to go out and meet others. Co-living is actually much cheaper than conventional renting in most cases. It offers flexibility that the normal rental agreements do not. In some buildings you can stay as short as 30 days or even a single night.

Three easy steps to reserve a spot

With most co-living sites, you will need to:
1. Fill out an online form – here you will get an idea of the pricing and availability
2. Have a quick interview – You must schedule a time to talk or fill out an interview form in most cases
3. Move in – Now you are good to go. You will now be eligible to move into an co-living space.
Communal living is ideal for you if you like making new friends and feeling like you are part of a community. With communal living you can rent a shared home and commit on a month to month basis. You will gain a few roommates and possibly make friends to last a lifetime. During your stay you will be able to enjoy time on your own and time together with all your housemates.

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