Actually, there are a lot of Korean dramas that are cute. But some will always stand out more than others just because of the actors, actresses, and the entire drama setting. That's what will make things stand out, the uniqueness of the drama. So what is this drama I'm going to tell you about? It's actually quite a funny drama that's like a Japanese drama, Hana Kimi.

So what is it about? Well, there is a lot of singing during this drama. It's all about celebrities and that's what makes it fun. But there is a little secret throughout the drama that no one knows about. That you will be able to see from the beginning. It is a very popular drama that many girls liked. But it piqued my interest because I love music. The drama is called ...

You're Beautiful - it's about a girl who wants to join a boy band. Then she disguises herself as a child and things happen. This boy thinks he turned out to be gay because he likes it. The best part of the entire drama series is when they sing. They have very good voices even though most of them are actors. This is a fun love story drama that you have to watch.

Now that I've given you a reason to watch this totally amazing drama, go ahead and watch it. It's a really fun drama, so there's no need to worry about it being boring. So help yourself unless you want to see something else, like action. If you want to see action, check out these dramas. IRIS, Bad Guy or Cain And Abel because they are very good dramas that you can watch.

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