Leather shoes are always high on demand, and rightly so. If one looks at their benefits, they range way beyond looks and quality. Apart from being comfortable and durable, leather shoes for men and women also fits better, easily cleaned, protects your feet and eco-friendly. Finally all leather shoes have a fine organic smell to them, that will always radiate the feel of premium class. In short leather shoes give you absolute completeness in terms of footwear.

Now, considering the wide variety in style and types of leather shoes, it becomes extremely difficult in selecting the right fit for yourself. Hence, in order to take a better decision it is advisable to stay well aware on the types and variety of leather shoes.

Different types of leather shoes

Once again leather variation can be based on different aspects. Different types of animal skin, different portions of animal skin, difference in tanning process and sometimes even place of origin of the leathers. Let’s take a look at the most popular types of leather shoes for men and women including all classifications.

The Roughout

This is a very common variety for leather shoes. Many other varieties of leather shoes are often synthesized; PU leather. However, when it comes to roughout, it is always original. The roughout leather is referred to the shoes that use the rough fleshy side of the leather on the outside of the shoe. This rough fleshy surface gives the exterior a smooth and embedded texture, with the strength and durability of natural leather. The roughout variety is perfect for a rugged look to accompany a pair of denims.

Scotch grain

Scotch grains iconic big pebble shaped grains are known to all. Shoes with scotch grains are always at the centre of urban contemporary styling. The technique of developing this texture was introduced by the old Scots, where the used barley from whiskey barrels. This hardened variety is nicely seasoned and weather resistant.


As the name suggests, there is vegetables involved somewhere in the process. The veg-tanned shoes are those, which use vegetables and tree barks in the tanning process of the leather. This particular tanning process makes the leather extremely rigid and a lighter shade. Veg-tanned are more popular for converse type shoes.


Pull-ups are widely loved for their low maintenance hassle. Pull-up leathers make excellent cafe boots. These leathers are generally heavily waxed and oiled, which makes them resistant to scuffs and scraps.


Calf skin is another popular type of leather, especially with the formal line of shoes. The calfskin is taken from young cows, which makes the texture and grains, blemish free. Calf-skin shoes will always make the best pair of dress shoes and last you for years. The calf-skin is thin and bends easily, which makes it very comfortable to your feet.

Leather shoe varieties continue to diversify, depending on numerous aspects. Although the above mentioned varieties are the most versatile ones, in terms of benefits. Additional types like, suede, chamois, shell cordovan and patent leather, are also quite revered around the globe.

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