Every singer wants to be discovered and have the opportunity to show his talent. Before, he needed a bit of luck to meet some music producers who could appreciate his talent. However, these days the scene has changed a bit. The appearance of television shows based on singing competitions has changed the rules of the game. They have given many singers many opportunities and still continue to do so.

These days, three television shows based on singing competitions are far more popular than any other show among the common audience. Here's a look at them.

1. American Idol:

American Idol, the show and its concept has become one of the most prominent pop culture phenomena in the world. It has had unrivaled success in the United States and has inspired many reality television shows based on the same concept.

The singing competition show started in 2002, the network was Fox. Now in its sixth season, the show has what it takes to keep people engaged in its singing competition.

The success of the program can also be contributed to the three people who are part of the panel of judges. They are Paula Abdul, Simon Cowell and Randy Jackson. The host of the show is Ryan Seacrest as its host. Viewers participate in the events of the program by voting. The show is very popular and is still growing from one place to another.

2) Make the band:

Making the Band is also a reality-based signing contest that has become even more popular over the years. Unlike the American Idol concept, the focus here is to find a group of individuals, who can take the form of a band.

The show premiered back in 1999. At first it used to appear on ABC, but soon it went to MTV. Currently in its fourth season, the singing competition has gotten really grueling. The lucky ones who will be chosen as a group will be sent on tours to give interviews and live performances.

The first season formed an exclusively male band, the second formed a hip hop group, the third season resulted in the formation of an exclusively female band, and the fourth season again focuses on an exclusively male band.

3) Fat - You are the one I want!

Grease - You're The One That I Want, is a popular singing competition show, which is among the most popular shows on NBC. The competition aims to cast a total of two leads for the Broadway production of the hit musical Grease when it opens this year, https://muzeemapp.com/.

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