Whether it is a house that you have recently purchased from someone or probably wanting to renovate the existing one, changing the exterior wall paint is something that can have a huge impact on how your house looks and feels like.

It is said that most decisions are made by face value, and when in future, you have plans in selling the house, a beautifully painted house will always grab all the attention. Apart from aesthetics, changing the wall paint also allows removal of mould and mildew growth on the exteriors as well as preventing the building from being affected by bad weather.

Once you start with the task of conducting exterior wall painting by the expert painters in sydney here are a few things to keep in mind.

Check if they are removing dirty paint

Even though you will be applying a fresh coat of paint over the existing one, there are chances of dirty paint still being around. Some areas of the walls can witness peeling or blistering of the paint. Painting over them can allow problems to stay back with no possible solution until the next time you plan to repaint it. Therefore, using sandpaper and smoothening out the wall is something important. If the experts overlook it, you need to remind them.

Choose the right wall colour for the exterior wall

While you may want to experiment with colours for the exterior wall, avoid bright colours. You may become the centre of attraction for no reason. You also end up making your house look like a giant cake with multiple colours to its exteriors. While experts can help you pick the right colour, you can also visit the store, pick the right colour with help from in-house painters in Turramurra. If you still cannot decide on any colour, stick with white. There is nothing that can beat the look of it and the luxury associated with the colour white.

Coat the wall with a primer first

Applying paint directly to the wall can lead to peeling and blistering in the days to come. Therefore, applying a coat of primer becomes important. When you allow painting experts to apply the primer, they will only then use paint and transform the look of your house. When you are out to purchase paint, bring along primer as well. The painting professionals would ensure that the primer is applied well, and the wall is painted.

Keep the weather in mind

The residential painters in Sydney agree that while the weather in Australia is always unpredictable, there is the need to keep details of the weather in mind. If it were the interiors, the weather wouldn’t have played much of a role. Since it is outdoor painting, things can go wrong.  Sudden rain can wash away fresh paint. Therefore, choose paints that dry fast as well as the ones that aren’t chemically infused. The weather may predict something, but the results to date are surprising.

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The author has close associations with those that are residential painters in Sydney and writes this article to understand the role played by painters in Accord. He also writes this article to know how to pick the right painter in Turramurra.