Any act that involves adorning our external anatomy like wearing a watch can be considered as a form of fashion. In fact, a high-tech, historically prominent, or an expensive timepiece often screams louder than a well-tailored suit and caters to the fashionably adroit.

Your choice of timepiece is one way to make a statement about who you are, what is important to you, and even your salary grade (sometimes).

Men and Watches

Today, almost everyone is connected at the hip to smartphones and other devices, and there’s never a moment when you really don’t know the time, with or without a watch. This traditional timekeeper may no longer be necessary to track minutes and hours, but it doesn’t mean it’s no longer relevant in every male’s wardrobe.

 A watch is a very personal item, especially for men, unlike women who can own a gamut of appurtenances like necklaces, bracelets, and earrings, men almost always settle to a good watch to complete their outfits.

Since buying a watch requires thorough considerations buying a watch requires thorough considerations such as personal preference, lifestyle, price and etc., it can be a dependable source of information about the man’s personality.

If you wish to buy a watch but don’t know what to buy that will suit best with your personality, take your cue from the following insights.

For Men who Likes to Indulge in Luxury

These are gentlemen who love fine things in life and like to look elegant whenever they attend a formal party, corporate meetings, or special events. That's why timepieces that show full decadence and gold plating complement with such personality.

If you’re one of these gents, luxury watches such as Cartier Tank, Gucci Dial Gold Tone, or The Rolex Oyster will speak volumes about you.

For Adventurous in Spirits

Men are naturally thrill-seekers and hardwired with a liking for adventures. For them, the sky's the limit. And with that, a dependable pilot watch that’s designed with aviation as an  inspiration is the perfect choice.

Pilot watches are loaded with useful features like GPS, compass, and weather forecaster, to cater to every man’s need whenever he’s outdoors and playing with nature. Some pilot watches you can get include Omega Speedmaster, Bremont, Skywalker, and The Breitling Exospace.

For Minimalists

These men live by the mantra that less is always more. They do not like too many accessories in their body so as wearing bold colors. They prefer muted palettes that showcase their personalities. Although men who are into minimalist living don't want to wear accessories for their bodies, a watch is something they can compromise for.

Timepieces with simple dials and modern design suits best for them. Some watches that can fit a minimalist guy include Tresor Omega Master, Transocean 38, and Montblanc Heritage Spirit.

For Quirky Men

Some men love to go extra and explore things beyond conventional fashion. They are the type who want to be unique and express themselves in different manners. These men will look best with timepieces that are equally extraordinary and edgy, which can communicate their distinctive personalities, such as skeleton watches.

These are fascinating watches that have eccentric designs. Some of the skeleton watches that quirky men choose include Hublot Classic, Cartier Santos-Dumont, and Hamilton Jazzmaster.

For Active Men

Active men are those who are always on-the-go and involved when it comes to health and fitness. These gents are also fitness gym habitue’, so they will need timepieces that can keep up with their ever-moving lifestyle. And a fitness watch gives just that.

This timepiece doesn't only allow you to keep track of the time, but it also helps you measure and track your daily exercises. Some fitness watches to grab are Garmin Forerunner, UP3 from Jawbone, and Samsung Galaxy Watch Active.

For Men who Wants to Show off Masculinity

These are men who like to exercise authority and wants to showcase male dominance whenever and wherever they are. Men with high regards to masculinity usually work in the fields and other physically-demanding jobs. Thus, they need military watches that scream manliness and authority.

These timepieces have robust dials and chronometers. Some of the military watches these rough guys can choose are Rolex Submariner, Breitling Cockpit, and Timex Expedition.


A watch is a valuable device that doesn't only tells time but also conveys the personal sense of style of the person who wears it. It is a timeless accessory and form of investment that wields a significant amount of power in a small package. Thus, reflecting on the kinds of watches listed above that matches your character, you are confident that you are wearing the right timepiece anywhere and everywhere you go.

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Scarlett Wells is working as a Nutrition.