We just had a category 5 hurricane here in Puerto Rico and lots of trees toppled. Yet there where many trees that were strong enough to weather the storm and this has great spiritual significance.

In my yard, I have lots of trees and at one time I used to tie my young trees to posts to make sure they did not topple over in the middle of a storm. Yet sooner or later when I did remove the post… they would snap in the wind and that would be the end.

But if I left my trees alone and they swayed in the wind when they were young they began to grow very stronger. And they ended up being large strong trees that could withstand any storm.
The same goes for people, if we constantly coddle and take care of our kids every need, giving them everything they want, they become like the trees that are supported by a post. When a big stressful event comes along they don’t know what to do… and don’t really do well in the end with that challenge.

That’s not to say, they don’t need nurturing, they do. But it also means we need to allow our children to get out on their own and make life happen, make mistakes, and grow to become strong and powerful people. Without the rigors of life testing them their trunks… they become weak and sooner or later they have a hard time.

But if we allow our children to step up to the plate and do their best no matter what they have going on… they can and will thrive.

And that’s exactly what God has going for all of us. God puts before us lots of learning lessons, some lessons that are very tough indeed. But God knows, in the end, we will become stronger if we only allow ourselves to grow and see the good in everything that comes our way.

Many Blessings to Everyone!

Dr. Paul Haider

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