What would it feel like literally standing on top of the world? It’d be a pretty awesome experience! Well, with At The Top Tickets, you get to stand on world’s tallest skyscraper which not only sounds cool but it’s also a lifetime experience very few humans get to be part of. Below are reasons why visiting Burj Khalifa is such a noble experience:

Record Breaking Titles

Have you ever wondered what it takes to break a world record? The closest most of us might get to breaking a world record is highly likely to be through experiences from world breaking title holders or better still in dreams. Burj Khalifa has broken not one but several world records including:

● The tallest man-made structure in the world

● The highest observation deck in the world

● The elevator with the longest travel distance in the world

Best Skyscraper in the world

Very few of us get to experience only the best in the world. Burj Khalifa possesses all bragging rights from it’s unique design that seems to punch a hole right through the skies. It offers the best the world has seen both in design and style.

Breathtaking Views

From At the Top observation decks, you enjoy breathtaking views like no other across Dubai and the Arabian Gulf. But don’t think you’ve seen it all yet until you step out to the outdoor terrace for even a more unrivaled, overwhelming experience unrivaled. If stepping out to the outdoor zone gives you goose bumps, utilize the advanced HD zoom telescopes for a similar experience.

Ride in one of World’s Super fast Elevator

Get to travel in one of world’s fastest elevators that whisks you up the tower at 10m/s as you enjoy a spectacular display of global landmarks. The speed is not your typical kind of speed and might prove too fast for some. If you’re doubtful how well you can handle it, you might opt out bitings prior to the ride to avoid any surprises.

What to Expect

At the Top, Level 124

Pause at Level 124 to take in the dramatic scenery. Don’t forget to step out into the outdoor terrace and feel the blissful breeze from 452m above the ground.
Tip; Utilize the holes cut out in the glass walls of the observation deck for unobstructed photos of Dubai skyline.

A VIP Experience At the Top SKY

For a VIP experience, zoom your way to At the Top SKY on 148th floor where you’ll be standing on world’s highest observation deck. Prepare to be blown away by the incredible views of the majestic skyscrapers far and beyond.

Having feasted your eyes on the views you can descend to Level 125 where you’re introduced to a more unique perspective of Dubai.

Take your Time

A stay At the Top typically lasts about 90 minutes, but you’re welcome to stay for as long as you wish. While cruising your way down, look out for special exhibits that illuminate amazing stories behind Burj Khalifa construction right from interior design to landscaping.
You wind up your journey at the base of the structure by taking a relaxed stroll on the green gardens enjoying the magical Dubai dancing fountains.

Helpful Tips

● Dubai Mall, world’s largest mall is the entrance to Burj Khalifa Tickets. You kill two birds with the same stone.

● Visitors to Level 124 who wish to catch the sunset should consider booking their tickets online in advance to avoid long queues.

● There’s a dedicated wifi connection coverage throughout the attraction

● Visitors to the observation decks can rent smart audio device with headphones to deeply enjoy the fascinating story of the architectural marvel. The tours are available in various languages including: English, Arabic, Mandarin, Japanese, Russian and German. Special guests aged 8-12 years have an option of special children’s audio.

● At the Top, SKY guests can enjoy guided tours too!

● At the Top observation decks is wheelchair accessible. As an addition, working service animals for the disabled are allowed on the tour.

● Visitors can capture memorable moments in the dedicated photo kiosks. The green screen technology allows photographers create spectacular backdrops illustrating Burj Khalifa’s beauty

● Incase a child becomes separated from the group, contact the nearest guest ambassador. To avoid this altogether, before entering the attraction, ask your children to ask the nearest guest ambassador for assistance.

● For lost belongings and items, contact the nearest staff member. At the Top observation decks are not responsible for misplaced items.

Besides Burj Khalifa giving Dubai a new glow, it also marks an epitome of a must visit places around the world. Being the city’s center for entertainment, attraction and dining, tons of things to do awaits you. Visit and enjoy great views from a fantastic tower by booking your ticket at iticktes.ae and enjoy great discounts.

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