Chia seeds belong to the class of foods that are termed superfoods. It’s an advertising term forfoods that bestow various health benefits. Superfoods are very rich in nutrition.

The source of chia seeds is the Salvia Hispanica plant.  These tiny seeds have an immensenutritional impact. They have carbohydrates, omega-3 fatty acids, fiber, antioxidants, protein, phosphorous, calcium, and trace elements.

Chia seeds feature 19% protein, which is more than a good number ofgrains and cereals. More ingestion of protein brings about a feeling of fullness following meals.

Among the benefits of Chia seeds is weight loss

Chia seeds feature all of the nine essential amino acids, and thus it's a premium plant-based protein. Chia seeds have ample fiber and are rich in omega-3 fatty acids. Omega-3s are potent anti-inflammatories, protecting from heart ailments and are significant for a healthy brain, lungs, immune system, blood vessels, and endocrine system.

A diet without animal products that includemilk and eggs doesn’t deliversufficient protein on not being planned. Vegans would be pleased to know that chia seeds make a complete amino acid supplement and protein supplement.

Also, chia seeds absorb a tremendous amount of water, so when you ingest them, they swell up in your stomach, causing you to feel satisfied, so you don't overeat.

Chia seeds have ample soluble fiber they swell in the stomach and lends full feeling and lessens appetite. These seeds are without a flavor and thus can be put into anything that you eat.  You can pepper it on your morning yogurt, afternoon salad, orbake a chia seed pudding for weight loss.

A natural moisturizer for better skin

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