The wonderful India poet Tagore said: “True education is not pumped and crammed in from outward sources, but aids in bringing to the surface the infinite hoard of wisdom within.”

Divine Mother Amma only had a 4th-grade education, yet she has created hospitals with all the modern methods of diagnosing and treating patients and it’s all free.

She has opened schools for the poor.

She has built thousands of homes for the homeless and destitute.

She feeds hundreds of thousands of hungry people every day.

She empowers and helps women to get an education and to go to college.

She has opened colleges where students earn advanced computing, engineering, and management degrees.

But to Divine Mother has said that the most important part of education is teaching children about human character, how to work with their mind, and how to control their mind.

In Divine Mother Amma’s schools, students are taught spiritual values, moral values, and every student takes part in volunteering in service to mankind and the planet.

Many of Divine Mothers students have become great engineers, scientists, computer scientists, and manage large companies. But most of all, they are people who care about other people. People who have a path to follow and adhere to their moral code.

Even Western-trained physicist come to Divine Mother and tell her there two things in the cosmos — matter and consciousness — letting her know that those two things are very different.

But Divine Mother Amma tells all these scientists there is only “ONE” thing in the cosmos and that is “Consciousness”.

All this from a woman with only a 4th-grade education.

May many more Divine Beings come to this plane and teach us about love and true education.

Many Blessings to Everyone

Dr. Paul Haider

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