The probiotic acidophilus has gotten a great deal of media attention. There are many claims of what it can do. Some tout it as a miracle supplement. It has been shown in medical studies to be very effective for many conditions. And probiotic acidophilus’s potential benefits are wide and varied. They include preventing certain types of cancer, lowering blood pressure and cholesterol, improving the immune system and preventing infections. They help improve mineral absorption and reduce inflammation. Main stream and alternative medical practitioners recommend adding acidophilus probiotic to your diet in certain circumstances.

Probiotic acidophilus goes by another name in Latin. That is Lactobacillus acidophilus or L. acidophilus. This strain of bacteria is considered a friendly one for the human body. They protect the body from strains of bad bacteria that bring illness and disease. Probiotic acidophilus produces lactic acid and other chemicals which repel the bad guys. It also produces lactase which helps us digest milk sugars called lactose. Probiotic acidophilus is a leading producer of Vitamin K and anti-microbial substances. It is naturally found in the intestines and vagina.

The probiotic acidophilus provides other benefits. With poor diets, many people have problems keeping a balance of good and bad bacteria in their intestines. Acidophilus probiotic can come to the rescue. When taken as a supplement or received from food, they help rebalance the system. They have been shown to help with various intestinal issues. They help prevent and treat infectious diarrhea. They can also help those that deal with irritable bowel syndrome, urinary tract infections and yeast infections. The presence of probiotic acidophilus can also boost the immune system and ease allergy issues.

The best supplements should contain acidophilus probiotic complex in adequate quantities. Too few will not solve the problem and too many can cause other problems. Supplements need to have live bacteria quantities around 10-50 million per gram. Quality is more effective that quantity. Make sure the probiotic acidophilus you purchase comes from organic sources. Cheap supplements can come from rather undesirable sources. And any supplement needs to be accompanied by a high fiber diet and plenty of liquids. All of these will lead to a much healthier body. The downside of the addition of probiotic acidophilus is the temporary side effects. Some people experience bloating and gas when they first get started. This is caused by the bad bacteria being killed off and the good population rebalancing. This is usually only for a few days and many people have zero effects.

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