Why AT Home Service?

At Home Service was started as a repair and service of electronic project enjoy an awesome presence in the field today as a reliable source of high-quality household electronics items.

At Home Service is one of the trustworthy and approved service centers in Coimbatore. We tend to area unit having quite fifty expert and well-trained service engineers to repair all Air Conditioner, Washing machines, fridges, and other household electronics items.
At Home service is quite 15 years of experience in Air Conditioner, Washing machines, fridge repair service in Coimbatore. At Home service is an independent Indian household electronics items repair and servicing center with up-front pricing. We service and repair with typically 25-30% less than what other big name servicing company’s price. We repair all brands.

AC Service:
So once summer comes you're ready to cool your house or workplace with none would-like for air-conditioner repair. Progress your air-con system every Six months will facilitate to stop the requirement for air-con (A/C) repairs overall.
While not maintaining, regular maintenance, the cooling system loses regarding original efficiency for each year. A properly repaired cooling system can do a far higher job of dehumidifying your home or geographic point. So get your cooling system repaired properly from time to time.

What forms of AC is serviced?
Air Conditioner window AC
Split AC

Benefits of AC Service
Before service air con unit is going to be checked at initial, for Temperature, electrical phenomenon, and Noise.
a. 15% Day Discount on spares (only for non–Comprehensive customers)
i. Lower Utility Bills
ii. The air cleaner is going to be clean.
iii. If necessary Wiring and fastening clips are going to be checked, it'll get replaced.
iv. Once service AC unit is going to be on check endure through check on temperature and dealing potency.
v. Any breakdown calls are going to be attended with immediate response to traditional operating hours.
b. Pairing Ac unit is going to be on Monthly / Alternate Monthly / Quarterly Basis as per the customer’s desire.

Common AC Problems- without Servicing and maintenance
1. Wear and tear
2. Inefficiency
3. Refrigerant Leak
4. Electrical failure
5. Water leakage
6. Leaking Ducts
7. Poor Air Quality

Three Maintenance Tips to stay Your AC Running in high Condition

Clean or replace your filter.
There’s in all probability no additional common reason for AC issues than an unclean or clogged filter. They ought to be cleaned or replaced a minimum of each six months, and doubtless additional usually if there are loads of particles within the air. Otherwise, the AC might not operate at high capability, or might find yourself spreading allergens around your home. Luckily, the air filters are designed to be owner-replaceable, and new filters may be purchased at the most hardware stores.

Clean the outside of the outside compressor.
Another very common reason behind issues is that the mechanical device unit has gotten clogged with junk, which impedes its flow and cut back the power of the AC unit to stay making cool air. It’s a decent plan to survey your mechanical device monthly or 2, and certify it hasn’t gotten coated in leaves, grass, dirt, and different junk.

Check the insulation on the fluid pipes.
The pipes running between the outside mechanical device and also the interior of the house are insulated for a reason. Within the event the insulation has come back loose or has vacant patches, it’s reaching to considerably cut back the cooling power of your AC system. Replacement insulation is well purchased from hardware stores.

Save Money on AC Repairs:
If you’re desirous to save lots of cash on your cooling services, cross-check our seasonal coupons! We have a tendency to perceive that breakdowns happen and might be a pricey fix- we have a tendency to wish to build your repair as possible as attainable.

Door-Step Service
We also provide emergency service for those days when you need it most! Whether it’s a holiday, weekend, or in the middle of the night, a ping to At Home Service to repair any electronics unit at doorstep service. Our 24/7 emergency repair service can ensure to repair and service the household items as low as feasible.

Why should you choose us?
Customer satisfaction- Our techies provide one hundred percent quality service.

Qualified Technicians- Our technicians are skilled, trained and friendly to the customers.

Affordable Cost- We assure to provide a high-quality service with the best price in Coimbatore.

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So, At home service is one of the best AC Repair and Service Center in Coimbatore. If you wish our service, just ping to our reception we'll be at your step for your service. We service each residential and commercial.
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