The testis is the lifeblood of men. It is the "factory" of sperm production. Once orchitis occurs, it will bring male infertility. If orchitis is not treated, it will also cause many complications, which make men very painful, especially prostatitis, epididymitis and so on.

These complications have an impact on the treatment of orchitis, which makes antibiotic treatment ineffective and more difficult. Therefore, many patients turn to traditional Chinese medicine treatment. A better curative herbal medicine, Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill, with the effects of clearing heat and detoxification, activating blood circulation and removing blood stasis, etc., can treat not only the diseased area but also inhibit the further spread of inflammation.

Orchitis is a common disease in men, with an incidence rate of 12%-18%. When suffering from this disease, male also need to know some possible severe complications that orchitis can cause to get a better and active treatment.

1. Leading to a decline in male sexual function

It leads to the decline of male sexual function. If male friends are worried about orchitis, I think it is the decline of sexual function. If a man doesn't care about performance, it's hard to say anything.

2. Lead to death of sperm, no sperm, loss of fertility

For men who have had children and don't want to have children again, losing fertility may not be a problem, but for those in reproductive age, sperm is essential. Sperm is the seed of reproduction. It combines with the egg cells to produce fertilized eggs, thus giving birth to new life. Epididymitis caused by death of sperm, azoospermia will let men lose the chance to become a father.

3. Complicated with chronic prostatitis

The main clinical manifestations of chronic prostatitis are the urgency of urination, frequent urination, burning pain and discomfort of the urethra, turbid white liquid from the end of urine, discomfort or astringent pain in perineum, oligoabdomen, testis and urethra.

4. Complicated with seminal vesiculitis

The primary clinical manifestation of seminal vesiculitis is hematuria. Sometimes, it will be accompanied by frequent urination, the urgency of urination, discomfort of urination, and perineum discomfort. It often coexists with prostatitis. The general etiology and pathogenesis of seminal vesiculitis are pathogenic factors from outside to inside, imbalance of viscera, disharmony of Qi and blood, resulting in damage of seminal vesicle collaterals and blood overflow.

5. Inducing some other disease

It can induce varicocele, prostatitis and endocrine diseases. Nephritis, urinary tract infection-related diseases, please remember that this is possible, with orchitis not being able to influence these diseases. But these diseases, many people have orchitis.

Moreover, orchitis can cause gynecological diseases in women. Because when in sex time, the male can infect the inflammation bacterium from the penis position to the female's private place, which is easy to cause female sickness.

6. Leading to premature aging

If orchitis is not cured for a long time, it will cause the symptoms of spermatorrhea and kidney deficiency, depletion of energy, cold limbs, backache and backache. And you can get older earlier.

For epididymitis, the majority of males should come first to the hospital diagnosis and then take active treatment. In the harm of orchitis, the common is actually can cause male infertility. With the development of the disease, the sexual function of patients will also be greatly affected.

In fact, the symptoms of orchitis are very obvious. As long as you can get timely treatment, you can see a good treatment effect in a short period. However, if the procedure is not standardized in the early stage of the disease, blindly use drugs, destroy the internal environment, and cause bacterial resistance, so that the curative effect is not good, leading to chronic or recurrent orchitis. Therefore, it is essential to choose the appropriate treatment.

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